Prep 2 Blog # 8 Week of October 31st

Prep 3 Blog Rehearsal # 8 Week of October 31st
November 5, 2016
Rehearsal #11/November 2, 2016
November 5, 2016

Prep 2 Blog # 8 Week of October 31st

Greetings, Prep 2 Families!

We had an action-packed week in Prep 2, with plenty of Halloween and holiday fun, interspersed with important musical concepts and recital preparation. Thank you for continuing to share this blog with your child each week, in order to practice and prepare at home.

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Rehearsal Recap from Jazmine (Monday Prep 2)

  • The children reinforced beat and rhythm with two fun circle games, Pumpkin, Pumpkin and Trick-or-Treat. They discovered that Pumpkin, Pumpkin features the rhythm tiri-tiri, and is based upon the pentatonic scale. They are preparing to write this on the staff in the next few weeks.
  • The children worked on singing contrasting dynamics with the fun search game “Halloween Night.”
  • We worked on singing in 2-part harmony with the spooky canon, Ghost of Tom.
  • The children continued to warm up their voices in a minor key with the Call and Response song “Halloween is Almost Here.”
  • The children worked on a number of complex rhythms with our Halloween Rhythm Cards. Then they dictated several rhythms based upon what they heard.
  • The singers identified many different musical features of the orchestral piece Dance of the Marionettes, by Gounod, while acting out the motions of their favorite Halloween character.
  • They had a great time revisiting the spooky song, There Was an Old Woman, in which they identified the response as “mi-reh-do-la,” and played it on the glockenspiels in e minor.
  • The children created different percussive and vocal sounds as they read the book Old Devil Wind.

Rehearsal Recap from Katie (Tuesday Prep 2)

  • We welcomed one another with the familiar circle game How do you dootee? The children loved finding new friends to stand with and singing “Good Afternoon” on sol-mi-la!
  • We got out our bouncey ball and played Bounce High, Bounce Low. The children picked new places to bounce the ball, and when their turn was over, they found the notes on the glockenspiel and accompanied the game in F-doh.
  • When everyone had a glock, we discovered that our version of Bounce High, Bounce Low is based upon four notes: sol-lah-mi and doh. We looked at these notes and identified where they are on the staff, and their relationship to one another. We then added “reh” and discovered this made the pentatonic scale. The children took turns improvising short songs on the pentatonic scale.
  • We then sight-read a mystery song, also based upon the pentatonic scale, and discovered it was Pumpkin, Pumpkin. The children reviewed the time signature, rhythm and solfege before writing it on the staff. They are taking this sheet home and learning it on the piano or another instrument of their choice!
  • The children warmed up their voices by sharing their favorite activities in “I Love to Sing.”
  • The sounded lovely singing Shalom Chaverim and dancing a circle dance. They are able to sing it in 2-part harmony.
  • The children played a fun new circle game called What Shall We Do Till the Turkey’s Roasted? This game allows each child the opportunity to improvise complex and creative rhythms on the sticks, with everyone playing back in response.
  • We reviewed two recital songs, Dormi, Dormi and Good Night. They started working on Good Night in 2-part harmony, and are excited to explore this more next week!
  • We ended with one of our favorites, the Israeli dance, Yesh!

This week, in addition to reviewing the activities above, please be sure you listen to all the songs included in past blogs:

Ocho Kalendikas

Good Night

Dormi, Dormi

Jamaican Noel

Piglet’s Christmas

From Emily (Thursday Prep 2)

Hello Prep 2 Families!

  • This week your children learned the new rhythm Tiri Tiri (4 sixteenth notes), as well as a new song for our recital:  Piglet’s Christmas.  Click on the link to see a cute video of this song, and share it with your children to help them learn it.
  • Please have your children bring their folders with the music in them to class next week and every week till the end of the semester.

Here is what we did in class:

  • We started our class singing the song Dinah while we kept the beat in our feet.  The children then identified a new rhythm where there heard 4 sounds on one beat.  We named this beat Tiri tiri, and we learned how to write in on the board.The children also reviewed all the rhythms we know that go in one beat.
  • The children then identified our next song, Dance Josey, when they heard me sing it in rhythm names. After dancing this dance, the children identified the melody in solfege and we added the notes to our tone ladder.
  • We sang some solfege from the tone ladder, and identified the melody of our next song, Bounce High, Bounce Low.  We also had an impromptu Halloween candy game, as the children themselves began singing another song with the same melody.  Go kids!
  • Bounce High Bounce Low helped the children learn about strong beats, bar lines and 2/4 time.  Then we played Snail, Snail, which is also in 2/4 time.
  • I taught them the silly song My Poor Hand is Shaking when it was clear we needed to get out some serious wiggles.
  • We sang the song S’vivon, with the children coming up with ostinati to help us keep the beat.
  • We learned Piglets’ Christmas.

See you all next week!

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