Prep 2 Blog #7 Week of March 27, 2017

Prep 3 Blog #7 Week of March 27, 2017
April 1, 2017
Prep 1 Blog #7/Week of March 27, 2017
April 1, 2017

Prep 2 Blog #7 Week of March 27, 2017

Prep 2 – Tuesday, Amy

It’s been so fun hearing all the Prep 2 singers solo voices as we’ve continued to play the mystery soloist game for “No One’s in the House but Dinah.” The singers are so great at identifying each other’s voices, too!

After singing and playing the game, we were able to derive the melody of the song using solfege syllables. We went on to notate the first line of the song on the treble clef staff and learned about reading/writing steps and skips.  This is a tough task and I am very impressed with how quickly the singers picked this up!

We had a very productive rehearsal this week.  We started working on two new pieces, “We are a Circle” and “There Has to be a Song,” which we will sing with all of the choirs at our end of the year performance. We finished learning the song “We Can Plant a Forest” and are continuing to work on memorization of “I Am.”

Prep 2 – Thursday, Amy
Dear Parents,

Your children are learning so much and are starting to make a lot of good connections! We started our class with some vocal exploration with the rhyme How do ya dootee, saying it in different kinds of voices so we can explore different registers through speech.  

After our warm-ups, the children learned the beginning of We Can Plant a Forest. We discovered that the beginning melody is created from all notes that they know:  do, re, mi, and sol.  That made it very easy to learn.  Please have your children listen to this song.  The song name is a link that will take you there.

We sang and danced How Many Miles to Babylon, then we sat down and sang it again, listening for our new rhythm,  Ti-Tiri.  They were able to identify it easily, so we moved on to the game Kitty Kitty Casket, which also has ti-tiri.  However, the children were also asked to listed for another new rhythm.  Tiri-ti.  After we played the game, we identified the new rhythm and wrote out the rhythm on the board. We reminded ourselves again what those two rhythms sound like when we danced Jim Along Josie.

To practice music reading, I had written up the opening to another one of our concert songs: We are a Circle.  It was a long excerpt and looked difficult, but the children soon learned that it was very simple and well within their grasp.  

They asked to end the class with the fun dance we learned last week, Zudio.  So we did!  

Please have your children continue to listen to our concert songs here are links to the other two songs:

I am

There Has to be a Song

Please have your children bring their folders to class from now on.  I will be giving them the sheet music for the songs so we can look at it together.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!

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