Prep 2 Blog # 6 Week of October 20th

October 17 – Bravi/VTG Rehearsal #7
October 21, 2016
Intermediate Blog Rehearsal # 9 Thursday October 20th
October 22, 2016

Prep 2 Blog # 6 Week of October 20th


Greetings, Prep 2 Families,

Thank you for another great week in Prep 2 Chorus! The children are sounding lovely and learning so much as we experience many musical concepts through song and play. Please continue to encourage your child to listen to our recital songs at home, as our performance season is approaching!

Recital Season is Coming! Please Purchase Concert Attire Here:

Prep 2 Girls Uniform

Prep 2 Boys Uniform

Please read this week’s scoop for additional info, and look for further details in my blogs starting in November!

Rehearsal Recap (a summary of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday!)

  • The children welcomed one another with the beautiful Israeli song, Shalom, Chaverim, while performing a simple partner dance with claps, shakes and turns.
  • We played the fun Halloween song and game, Trick-or-Treat, with each child bouncing the ball to the half-note beat and singing their favorite candy. We then moved to the board to discover that the song was in 2/4 time. The children helped write in the missing bar-lines!
  • The children explored their vocal range by creating different ghost sounds which the class echoed!
  • We sang a favorite warm-up, My Dog Has Fleas, for which the children picked new spooky-parts, while performing complex body percussion. This is a great exercise in engaging the body and the voice at the same time!
  • The children reviewed a favorite Halloween Song, There Was an Old Woman. We discovered that the “ooooh” response was comprosed of the notes “mi-reh-doh-lah,” or the real notes “B-A-G-E.” The children found these notes on the glockenspiel and played this spooky response while singing – they sounded great!
  • The children then derived the rhythm, notes and solfege for last week’s song, “Pumpkin, Pumpkin,” and we discovered it is in F-pentatonic. The children played the notes of F-pentatonic on the glocks in preparation for writing the song on the staff

    for homework this week.

  • We reviewed the eerie canon, Ah, Poor Bird, with simple steps and pats. Then the children split into two groups and learned a new ostinato for the song, which led them to sing in beautiful 2-part harmony.
  • We played the boisterous chase game, We are Dancing in the Forest , but we changed “wolf” to “witch.” The children created wonderful witch noises and scenarios before having a blast running around the forest!
  • My class reviewed all the Italian in Dormi, Dormi, and went over some key-words, such as “mio tresor” (my treasure) and “dolce amor” (sweet love).
  • My class reviewed Jamaican Noel and added some new movements and claps to help learn in faster, and to add some spice!
  • Jazmine and Emily’s class reviewed their recital repertoire and ALSO played the very fun Halloween game, Who?, which helps the children learn to sing with dynamics.
  • Jazmine and Katie’s singers went home with a Pumpkin, Pumpkin worksheet, and Emily’s students have a worksheet for We Are Dancing in the Forest.

Action Items

  • Apart from reviewing all the activities above, please be sure your child is listening to these songs at home:

Good Night

Ocho Kalendikas

Jamaican Noel

Dormi, Dormi

Piglet’s Christmas

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