Prep 2 Blog # 5 Week of October 14th

Prep 1 Blog # 5 Week of October 14th
October 16, 2016
Prep 3 Blog # 6 Week of October 21st
October 20, 2016

Prep 2 Blog # 5 Week of October 14th

Greetings, Prep 2 Families!

Thank you for another great week in Prep 2 Chorus! There is so much improvement taking place in all our classes, and we hope the children are having as much fun as we are! We are very proud of their accomplishments.

Rehearsal Recap (Jazmine and Katie – Monday and Tuesday Prep 2)

  • We welcomed one another with the Spanish partner dance, Welcome, Bienvenidos
  • The children reinforced their skills in maintaining the steady beat by passing a pumpkin while singing Pumpkin Pumpkin Round and Fat in F. The singer who had the pumpkin at the end of the song, made their favorite jack-o-lantern face, then joined the percussion circle to play the beat or rhythm, depending upon what I called out!
  • The children continued working on their rhythmic skills by reading and playing a number of different Autumn Rhythm Cards, featuring tah, ti-ti, tiri-tiri, tiri-ti, ti-tiri and half note! Then they selected four favorite cards to create an ostinato which we played while singing a song from last week, Autumn is the Time.
  • We warmed up our voices with the spooky call and response song, There Was an Old Woman. The children produced beautiful ooh’s as they sang the eerie response!
  • We then worked on solfege with the F-doh tone ladder. The children derived the pitches for Pumpkin, Pumpkin, then wrote the rhythm and solfege on their own whiteboard, particularly impressive because this song features two sets of tiri-tiri’s!
  • We then learned a haunting new canon with body percussion and movement, Ah, Poor Bird The children shared stories and ideas about what might be happening in this short song. It will set us up for beautiful 2-part harmony next week.
  • We did a fun movement activity with Gounod’s famous piece, Dance of the Marionettes Activity, with the children selecting several different Halloween characters to act out as the music played. It was also a great opportunity to hear and move in time to a beautiful piece of classical music from the Romantic Era. Following this, we discussed major vs. minor, what to listen for when trying to distinguish between the two, and why some pieces and songs are more suited for minor than others.
  • The children stood in their concert rows and sang through Good Night – they are starting to sound beautiful, and are ready to start implementing dynamics and other fun expressive details!
  • We then worked hard on the language and pitches for Ocho Kalendikas, which is becoming a fast favorite for all the children as they become familiar with the language, movements, translation and rhythmic excitement of this song!
  • We ended with a fun Israeli partner dance which is a favorite activity across the Training Division, Yesh!

Action Items

  • Apart from reviewing all the activities above, please be sure your child is listening to these songs at home:

Ocho Kalendikas

Good Night

Jamaican Noel

Dormi, Dormi

Piglet’s Christmas

From Emily (Thursday Prep 2)

Dear Prep 2 Families,
Today in class I saw your children reflect back to me all that they have learned since the beginning of the semester.  They were singing beautifully and in tune, remembering the words of songs they have learned, and displaying their knowledge of the rhythmic and melodic skills they have been developing since we began 5 weeks ago.  It is very impressive!
Here is what we did today:
  • We played with rhythm and vocal pitch in the rhyme How Do You Dootee.
  • We had fun greeting each other with the song I let her go-go, which comes from Trinidad and Tobego.
  • We played the Beat and Rhythm game with the rhyme 2, 4, 6, 8.  The children had to switch between the beat and the rhythm of a song at the snap of my fingers.  This game is harder than it sounds!
  • We played Ring Around the Rosy.  The children derived the melody in solfege, identified the tone set and wrote it on tone ladder.  They then followed my improvised melody from the tone ladder.
  • The children followed my melody on the tone ladder and identified the song Bow Wow Wow. They identified a new note—Re—in this song, and discovered where to put it on the tone ladder.
  • They learned the Hand Sign for Re, and we practiced singing Mi-Re-Do, so they could hear it in their ears.  They quickly noticed that what we were singing sounded like Hot Cross Buns!
  • One of the children came to the board and showed us the melody for Lucy Locket on the tone ladder.  After playing the game, the children did a worksheet where they filled in 2 bars of this song on the staff.  This group is especially enthusiastic about writing.
  • We played the game Tideo and listened for Mi-Re-Do while we sang.
  • We reviewed the song Good Night for our recital, and I heard some especially beautiful singing.
  • We played the game I’ve Got a Car, It’s Made of Tin.  This fun song asked the children to leave out certain words but continue with the movements.  It is pretty challenging.  This game helps us build skills for part singing.
  • We had extra time at the end, so we played Snail, Snail and Circle Round the Zero at their request.  Finally we sang S’Vivon with an ostinato.  They are really mastering that one, even all the Hebrew words!
I will not be in class next week, as I will be attending my grandfather’s funeral in Denver.  Miss Jazmine will be teaching, and they will have a great time!
Thanks and have a great week.

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