Prep 2 Blog # 4 Week of October 7th

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October 7, 2016
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October 8, 2016

Prep 2 Blog # 4 Week of October 7th

Greetings, Prep 2 Families,

Thank you for another great week of rehearsing in Prep 2 Chorus! We are starting to dig more into our recital repertoire whilst covering some important musical concepts through games, dances, fun songs, and instruments. Please read this blog very carefully this week, as it features many recordings of Prep 2’s recitals songs.

From Jazmine and Katie (Monday and Tuesday Prep 2)

Rehearsal Recap:

  • We welcomed one another with the fun Shaker tune, A Mince Pie or Pudding, featuring body percussion, new pie flavors, and new friends to wave to each time!
  • The children had a great time warming up their voices with different vowels shapes and sounds with our Halloween Vocal Explorations
  • The children warmed up their voices whilst selecting a new candy with the warm-up “Mama Made Me Mash My M and M’s.”
  • The children sang the pitches on the F-doh tone ladder then derived the rhythm and solfege for the song Bow Wow Wow. Then the singers formed two circles and sang in 2-part harmony.
  • The children learned a beautiful new canon, called Autumn is the Time. We also reinforced the half note by having each child take turns bouncing the ball to the half note beat. The children then transferred the ball beat to the glockenspiels, where they played a beautiful drone on G whilst singing the song.
  • We played and sang the lively circle dance, Oats and Peas and Barley Grows
  • The children reviewed the tra-la-la’s in Piglet’s Christmas, before singing through the whole song. We found many sections with alliterations, especially the verse about “butter, basil, barnet, bay, and bread!”
  • The children reviewed the Russian folksong Goodnight, whilst taking turns playing the half note beat on the triangles, or tapping the star wand to the beat. They are starting to sound lovely in this song!
  • The children then found a partner, and starting learning or reviewing the exciting and fun partner dance from Israel, Yesh!
  • The children starting learning the beautiful and challenging Shephardic song, Ocho Kalendikas. They had a great time using birthday candles to show numbers 1-8, which they sang in Ladino language.

Action Items:

  • Over the next several weeks, please be sure your child listens to these songs:

Ocho Kalendikas


Good Night

Jamaican Noel

Dormi, Dormi

Piglet’s Christmas

From Emily’s Class (Thursday Prep 2) – PLEASE listen to the recordings above as well!

Dear Prep 2 Parents:
Your children took an important step in learning music this week:  they learned to write So, Mi and La on the staff.
  • We started the class with How do you Dootee, using funny voices, which encourages children to explore all the things their voices can do.
  • We learned a new song and dance called Mince Pie or Pudding.  This song from the Shakers is a wonderful way to welcome each other into class.
  • The children derived the Rhythm of the song Hot Cross Buns. Then I challenged them to switch back and forth between the beat and the rhythm at the snap of my fingers, which is trickier than it sounds!
  • We played the ever-popular Come Home All My Ducks and GeeseThe children then derived the melody, wrote So and Mi in the tone ladder, and learned where they go on the staff.  They also learned that So, Mi and La can move to different places on the staff while the space between them stays the same.  The children then wrote down the first line of Come Home All My Ducks and Geeseon their individual staff white boards.
  • They then told me how to sing Snail, Snail in solfege before we played the game.
  • We learned the fun dance Dance Josey, which will come in very handy later as the children learn more challenging rhythms and melodies.
  • We worked on two songs in our recital repertoire today.  We created different ostinati to go with S’Vivon, and we sang the Russian lullaby Good Night.  The children were able to identify rhythms that they knew in the sheet music.
Please make an effort to bring your child to every class on time as much as possible so we have time to have all the fun and do all the learning that I have planned.  Thank you!
Have a great week!
Katie, Jazmine, and Emily

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