Prep 2 Blog #2 Week of February 13, 2017

Prep 3 Blog #2 Week of February 13th
February 18, 2017
Prep 1 Blog #2 Week of February 13, 2017
February 18, 2017

Prep 2 Blog #2 Week of February 13, 2017

Prep 2 Tuesday – Amy

Hello Prep 2 Families! We had a fun rehearsal singing Valentine’s songs and digging in to more of our choral repertoire.  

We played a fun game, “Heel, Toe, On the Line,” where we danced with partners and explored the words “yes and no” in a few different languages. We also sang a song about missing valentines in the mail and took turns doing some rhythm reading.

We spent some time focusing on our vowel sounds for singing and reviewing solfege syllables (do, re, mi, sol, la and high do).

We started working on the piece “I Am,” which we will perform with Prep 3. It’s a lovely piece about the beauty found in nature.

We continued to work on the piece “Fairest Lady,” which includes a variation of the folk song “London Bridge.” Ask your singer to sing both the traditional version of “London Bridge” and the variation found in the piece!

We ended our class on the folk song and dance “Grand Old Duke of York.” Verse three of this song is “A-Hunting We Will Go.” We had fun coming up with different rhymes such as “we’ll catch a crow and put him in a bow” and “we’ll catch the mice and put them in the dice.”  Very creative!

I hope everyone enjoys this next week off – and I look forward to seeing you on the 28th.


Prep 2 Thursday – Emily

Week 2 of Prep 2 was just as fun as Week 1!  REMINDER: There will be no class next week, as many schools have that week off.  I will see you again Thursday, March 2.

We started our class by doing the circle dance Down in the Valley, where children make up movements.

We did our warm ups, which help the children learn to use the full range of their voices.

We did the dance Dance Josey to review tiri tiri (16th notes).  The children derived the rhythm of the song, and we put it on the board.

We played I Hear the Mill Wheel, and listened for the tiri tiri within the song.  The children had no trouble identifying where it was.

We sang our round about Hot Chocolate:  Chocolate Chaud.  While I kept getting mixed-up with the round, the children figured it out for themselves and did a great job!  

Finally, we started learning the dance for Great Big House in New Orleans. This dance is quite complex for these kids, but they will certainly get it in time.  We derived the melody of this pentatonic song, and we put the notes on the tone ladder and then on the staff.  I sent the children home with a worksheet to fill in.  This worksheet may be too difficult for some children, and that is okay.  Have them bring it back next week and we will work on it together.

We finished the class with a quick game of Hunt the Cows after lots and lots of hard thinking!

Thank you and I’ll see in in 2 weeks!

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