Emily’s Prep 2 Blog for November 8, 2018

Emily’s Prep 1 Blog for November 8, 2018
November 10, 2018
November 8, 2018/Rehearsal #12
November 10, 2018

Emily’s Prep 2 Blog for November 8, 2018

Dear Prep 2 Families,

This week’s class began our more conscious preparation for our recital, which is coming up soon!  I realized that we have only 3 more classes before our recital. If you have not yet ordered your child’s uniform, please do it right away. Here is the link for ordering:  https://www.merrymartuniforms.com/cantabile-youth-singers-los-altos-ca/

We started our class with our usual warm ups, and then we sang our theme song, Today’s The Time for Singing.  We even tried singing it it 2 parts!  It was definitely hard for the moment.  BUT. . . the wonderful news is that an older Cantabile singer will be joining me as a classroom assistant starting next week!  It will help us immensely in our part singing.  

We played the game Kitty Kitty Casket and listened for our new rhythm Tiri Tiri. Then we played another game with Tiri Tiri:  I Hear the Mill Wheel.

The children then read a new song containing Do, Mi Sol and la from  staff on the board:  Ickle Ockle, Blue Bottle.  

We made up some silly words for the song Rain Come Wet Me, which we will use to learn Re.

We sang our remaining recital songs: S’Vivon, Shenandoah, and Piglet’s Christmas.  Please look back at earlier blogs to find the links to S’Vivon and Piglet’s Christmas.

I asked the children to pay special attention to learning the words of Piglet’s Christmas.  Each child went home with a copy of the music and lyrics.  i suggest that they kids say the lyrics aloud so they become easy and familiar.  Please support them to do this. Here are the lyrics:

A Piglets’ Christmas

On the day before Christmas the farmer did boast, 

That his piglets were best for the holiday roast.

He had fed them with barley and fed them with corn 

So they’d be nice and fat for the feast Christmas morn.

Oh he dashed them with burnet and basil and bay. 

They were buttered and breaded to bake for a day.

As he heated the oven it came very clear, 

That he never could eat them for they were too dear.

O the pigs sang a carol, the farmer sang too, 

With the feasting forgotten amidst the to-do.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!


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