Prep 2 Blog # 3 Week of September 30th

September 28, 2016/Rehearsal #6
September 30, 2016
Prep 3 Blog # 3 Week of September 30th
September 30, 2016

Prep 2 Blog # 3 Week of September 30th

Greetings, Prep 2 Families,

Thank you for another great week of rehearsals in Prep 2! Please use the information below to help reinforce our activities at home, and to see what we’re up to in rehearsal!

Jazmine and Katie’s Classes (Monday and Tuesday) – Theme – Animal Friends!

Rehearsal Recap:

  • The children welcomed one another with our familiar mixer, “How do you dootee?” this time chanting in opposites (loud/soft, fast/slow, calm/excited, etc). The children also sang “Good Afternoon” on s-l-m, to their new partners each time they switched places.
  • We played the fun partner game, Bow Wow Wow, allowing the children to dance with new partners and have their name sung in place of “Tommy Tucker.”
  • We played a fun new name and beat game called I Can Keep a Beat – the children had a great time taking turns on the drum and saying their name, which everyone then echoed!
  • The children warmed up their voices by exploring their attic and basement voices with the help of scarves. They each sang beautiful solos. We then sang solfege melodies and showed the contour with our scarves as well.
  • We sang a fun warm-up called My Dog Has Fleas, (pitches doh-mi-sol-doh’) while performing a fun and complex body percussion pattern.
  • The children played an invigorating circle game called A Dog Named Blue, which has each singer passing Blue the Dog to the beat. Each time Blue landed with a new singer, they sang a solo response on the pitches sol-mi-doh-re-re-doh, then joined the percussion band to keep the beat. It was great fun!
  • The children then derived the rhythm to Bow Wow Wow, while chanting and playing on their instruments – the song features tah, titi, and rest.
  • The children played a new favorite circle game, Grizzly Bear, which helps them work on soft and loud singing while stepping in a circle to the beat. They love being chased by the grumpy Grizzly Bear!
  • The children then worked hard to review the pronunciation for Dormi, Dormi, which features many Italian words! We then worked on showing contrast between the slow, “sleeping section,” and the fast, “waking up” sections.
  • We started working on another lullaby from Russia, the folksong Good Night, by Dmitri Kabalevsky. The children took turns tapping the star wand to the half note beat.
  • We ended with one of our liveliest recital songs, Jamaican Noel, which the children sang while playing the calypso rhythm on the shakers!
  • This week, listen to Jamaican Noel, and Good Night, and Dormi, Dormi, and please also read through the translation of the song at the bottom of the page.
  • The children should also complete their rhythm sheets for Bow Wow Wow.

From Emily (Thursday Prep 2)

Dear Prep 2 Families,
I had another very fun class with your children!  I am so enjoying each of them. In addition to singing more on their own this week, they learned some new musical concepts, and played some fun games.
  • We started our class with a the song I let her go-go, which comes from Trinidad and Tobago.
  • We played the Ghanaian circle game Obwisana, and the children derived the rhythm of the beginning of the song, and helped me write it on the board.
  • The children learned the song and game Bow Wow Wow.  We then passed a dog on the beat, and learned about quarter rests.  The children then wrote the rhythm of this song on the board. Your child should have gotten a worksheet at the end of class.  Please have your child fill in the missing rhythms from the worksheet.
  • We played Circle Round the Zero and found the rests in the song.
  • We played Little Tommy Tittle Mouse, derived the melody on solfège, and wrote the melody names in our tone ladder.
  • We learned the new note, Do, from the song and game Mouse, Mousie, then heard Do again in Ring Around the Rosy.  The children also followed my improvisations as I pointed at the tone ladder, which helps them master the note relationships in the scale.
  • We reviewed the song S’Vivon, and looked at the giant dreidel I brought to share with the class.  In addition, we started learning a new song:  the Russian lullaby Good Night.
At the very end, we learned the song Dance Josey, and we’ll learn the dance next week.

English Translation for Dormi Dormi


Sleep, o sleep, my lovely Child,

King divine, King divine.

Close your eyes and sweetly slumber,

King divine, King divine.

Fa la la la, Fa la la la la, Fa la la la,

Fa la, Fa la, Fa la, Fa la.

O my sweet treasure, do not weep!

Sweetly sleep, sweetly sleep,

Close your eyes my Son, my dear one.

Sweetly sleep, sweetly sleep,

Close your eyes, my Son, my dear one.

See you next week!

Katie, Jazmine, and Emily


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