Week of March 4th/ Class # 4

Week of March 4th/ Class # 4
March 5, 2016
March 7, 2016/Rehearsal #8
March 9, 2016

Week of March 4th/ Class # 4

Greetings, Prep 2 Families,

Thank you for another great week of music-making! Emily, Jazmine, and I are all having so much fun getting to know your kids, and are so impressed by their musical progress and enthusiasm for singing. Please continue to use the information below to reinforce practice and vocal development at home.

From Katie (Monday and Tuesday) and Jazmine (5:00 Thursday):

  • We welcomed one another with the African-American Song and Dance: Way Down Yonder in the School Yard
  • We sang a fun new Call and Response also based upon African-American origins: The Telephone Song. This gave the children the opportunity to sing solos and work on their intonation – they sounded great!
  • We warmed up our voices in all sorts of fun ways: Sausage Sizzle, Bubbles the Fish,  Solfege Echoes, and the Elevator Song
  • The children took special care to work on the quality of their overall vocal production and phonation, and helped one another by demonstrating their solo singing voices – I was so happy with the lovely, pure sound they were able to produce as a unified choir.
  • We reviewed our new partner song, One Bottle of Pop, which they sang in 3-part harmony, with motions that demonstrated the time signature of 3/4. They sounded great!
  • We reviewed the rhythm and solfege for three special concert songs: This Shall Be For Music,  Manx Lullaby and A Great Big Sea. The children should continue listening and reviewing these songs at home.
  • We played again a game set to Spanish text, called El Capitan, which encourages different improvised motions to maintain the steady beat whilst the children guess who the “captain” is. Have your child teach you the game – the song is attached!
  • We played “123 Roll with Rhythm Dice” which included titi, tah, tiri-tiri and quarter note rests – the children loved rolling their musical dice and playing their rhythmic arrangement on the sticks!
  • We danced Down the River!
  • We got out the xylophones and played some songs which were in the homework – we learned that when MI is on a line, SOL is on the line above it – and LAH is on the space next to SOL. The children had a great time improvising songs based upon SOl and MI and SOL, MI and LAH.
  • If your child has not received or completed Reading Melodies with Do, Mi, So and La please encourage this to be completed at home before next week!

From Emily (3:45 Thursday Class):

We were excited to welcome Omkar into our class this week.  We are so happy to have him join us. The kids continue to amaze me with their ability to understand and apply musical concepts.  This week we learned the note Do, as well as  2 new rhythms:  rest and Tiri tiri (16th notes).

We started our class with Ratlin’ Bog this week because we all really enjoy singing it together. They are getting all the words now, even without the power point with the pictures.   We warmed up with vocal shapes again this week, but this time we wrote them on the board.  They followed mine, and then each child had a chance to draw a shape for us to follow.

We sang a song they know while I conducted them, and they followed changes in tempo and volume.

We learned the song Obwisana and played a game of passing sticks around on the beat.  It’s a pretty tricky thing to do and they picked it up right away.  The children then derived the rhythm and we wrote it on the board.  We noticed that there was a beat with no sound, and that we called that a Rest.  We learned what a quarter rest looks like on the staff.

We sang the song Dinah and heard that there were 4 sounds on one beat.  We call them Tiritiri.  We learned what they look like written down, and then tried to find some Tiritiri’s in the music for Great Big Sea. The children had no trouble finding them.  We sang the first lines of Great Big Sea, and we will continue to learn this song for the recital.  Here is recording of another children’s choir singing this song:


We bounced a ball and sang Bounce High, Bounce Low.  The children derived the solfège for this song, and we did it with our hand signs.  We then used the same 3 notes and read the next song from the board:  Hi, Little Woodpecker.  The children heard that there was a new note, and learned that it was called Do, and how to write it on the staff.

Here is the homework: Reading Melodies with Do, Mi, So and La.  Please encourage your child to do this worksheet this week and bring it back next week.

We ended our class with the fun song Scotland’s Burning.  We’ll be working up to singing this as a canon.

Thank you to all who remembered to bring your folders this week.  Please bring them every week from now on.

I look forward to seeing everyone next week!



On another note, we already have new families asking about uniforms for our spring recitals and concert, which is great – please order as soon as possible at Merry Mart Uniforms, as they tends to sell out of the Prep skirts fairly quickly. Singers will need to be in full Cantabile uniform at the May Spring Concert and Prep 2 Recitals. Please note that Prep 2 singers need to be wearing the red polo shirts with the Cantabile logo, and uniform black pants for boys, and skirts for girls.

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