Week of Nov 6th/ Class # 9

Week of November 6/ Rehearsal # 9
November 6, 2015
Week of Nov 6th/ Class # 9
November 6, 2015

Week of Nov 6th/ Class # 9

Greetings Prep 2 Families,

Many thanks from Jazmine and myself for another great week of rehearsing in Prep 2 Chorus! Our December recital is getting closer, and you are all doing a lovely job preparing for it.

Trivia Question: This week, we learned how to say the word “peace,” in a number of different languages. Do you remember all the words, and their countries of origin? See below for the answer!


Please ensure that you have ordered your singer’s uniform –Merry Mart Uniforms tends to sell out of the Prep skirts fairly quickly. Singers will need to be in full Cantabile uniform at the Prep 2 Recitals. Please note that Prep 2 singers need to be wearing the red polo shirts with the Cantabile logo, and uniform black pants for boys, and skirts for girls. They need to be ordered THIS WEEKEND otherwise they will not arrive on time!

Rehearsal Overview

This week we opened our rehearsal by revisiting one our favorite songs and dances, Welcome Here – such a great time of year to sing about our favorite pies! They also sang a number of different vocal warm-ups, all conducted by different students, including “Climb the Tree” to engage the “attic voice,” “Tuning Tree,” to outline doh, mi, soh, and high doh, and our favorite warm-up, Bumble Bee. We also have some lovely canons we have been working on, most recent being Now All the Woods Are the Waking. Parents, have your child share this song and the movements with you this week!

We are also continuing to add more solo singing to our warm-ups, which gives each child the opportunity to match pitch alone as a soloist, and also gives the teachers the opportunity to assess their progress – we were so happy with what we are hearing! Please encourage your child’s solo singing and pitch matching at home by playing parts of the recordings below, stopping it, and having them echo!

This week the children also applied their solfege knowledge by composing short melodies on their own staff whiteboard. Many of the singers shared their song with the class, and we all enjoyed singing their musical compositions!

This week, continue to watch and listen to:

And the awesome new song we started:

Please also listen to Over the River and Through the Woods, which will be a fun sing-along song for the end of our recital!

In addition:

  • Continue memorizing all the lyrics of Path to the Moon, practice singing it as you sway with the waves!
  • Review our circle movements for Haida, including the big CLAP on the rest! Remember to sing both A and B sections!

Trivia Answer: “Heiwa” – Peace in Japanese, “Salam”  – Peace in Arabic, “Mir” –  Peace in Russian, “Dohiyi” – Peace in Cherokee, “Shalom”- Peace in Hebrew, “Shanti”- Peace in Hindu, “Paz”  – Peace in Spanish, “Amani”  – Peace in Swahili

Have a great weekend, and we look forward to seeing you next week!

Katie and Jazmine

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