Week of September 28, 2015/Class #3

October 1, 2015/Rehearsal #6
October 2, 2015
Week of September 28, 2015/Class #3
October 5, 2015

Week of September 28, 2015/Class #3

Greetings, Prep 1 Families!

Thank you for another great week of rehearsals! Today we continued moving and singing to the Spanish Welcome Song: ‘Buenos Dias”
Buenos días, buenos días – right hand wave/left hand wave
¿Cómo estás?, ¿Cómo estás? – right hand shake/left hand shake
Yo muy bien gracias, yo muy bien gracias – take hands, half turn
¿Y usted? ¿Y usted? – clap-clap-pat, clap-clap-pat
Please continue sing and say these words with your child this week, and try the partner movements!
We also played the African-American circle game “Just From the Kitchen” where the kids took turns picking new foods and “flying” to a new spot in the circle. Continue to think of new foods to share next week, and have your child sing the response “Shoo-lie-loo!”
Tuesday’s Prep 2 class also had a rocking time with the super fun song Waddaly Atcha. We did this with a pat-clap-snap-snap, but you can sing this with your child and make up new movements!
For our music theory activity, we reviewed the song See Saw and created our own human seesaws in pairs, while singing the song. This is actually quite a physical challenge, and the children did a great job! We then looked at the lyrics on the staff and discovered that the solfa pitches are sol-mi, sol-sol-mi, sol-sol-mi-mi, sol-sol-mi.Have your child practice these pitches, while tapping their head for “sol,” and their shoulders for “mi.”
We also continued exploring classic song from “The Sound of Music” Do Re Mi, while Tuesday’s class had a great time learning it- listen to this song with your child make up movements for each new phrase!
We also sang and enjoyed a lovely picture book of the song The Marvelous Toy
which brings back so many special childhood memories. Enjoy listening to, and singing this song with your child.
Thank you again for a lovely week of rehearsals!
Katie and Jazmine

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