Week of March 11/Class # 5

Week of March 11/ Class # 5
March 11, 2016
Week of March 11/ Class # 5
March 12, 2016

Week of March 11/Class # 5

Greetings, Prep 1 Families!

Thank you for another lovely week of singing and music fun in Prep 1! We are continuing to welcome Spring with songs about insects, animals, trains, raindrops, starlight, and cobblers, while learning some fundamental music concepts. Enjoy reading about our musical adventures below, and please continue using this blog as a resource for music practice and growth and home!

From Jazmine (Tuesday class) and Katie (Thursday class):

  • We started class with some favorite songs, My Poor Hand Is Shakingwhich is a great song for keeping the steady beat and picking new body parts, and Little Peter Rabbit, which helps us practice our inner listening and feeling rests in music.
  • We sang everyone’s name and chug-a-chugged in a circle to I am the Train the Stops for You – we even sang in harmony as the kids sang ‘toot toot” and I sang the main melody!
  • The children explored different parts of their vocal range by drawing melodic shapes on the whiteboard, which we then all sang together. The singers had such creative ideas!
  • The children took turns singing solos in Hickety Tickety Bumble Bee, but instead of singing their name, they sang their favorite food! Have your child play this game with you at home, and pick another favorite something – animal, color, toy – it’s all fun! This song is really displaying each singers’ vocal progress and their ability to tune to the pitches sol-mi-la-sol-mi. In the coming weeks we will take these pitches and place them on the musical staff.
  • We were still hungry after all that food, so we went on to sing A Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track, while playing the slide whistle and the drum to depict the different sound effects. Our whistle did not work so well, so stay tuned for some new whistles next week!
  • We continued our train theme with the well-known canon Down By the Station and the Irish Folksong, Paddy Works On the Railway – have your child teach you the movements to these songs!
  • We played a new circle game, Old King Glory and revisited our favorite movement activity, Hop Old Squirrel – the kids had great ideas for movements!
  • We concluded the class by reviewing both the steady beat and the rhythm of Engine, Engine, No. 9 – we did this with a worksheet which each child took home. Have your child chant the rhyme, first while tapping the hearts (the beat) and then by tapping the trains (the rhythm).
From Emily:
This week, we were focusing on using our low and middle voices, since this class has high singers!
First, I picked them up at the station with I am the Train that Stops for You.   I had them  practice singing it in the same octave with me.  Then we did warm ups in the low voice, the middle voice, and the high voice, and practiced moving between them.
We worked on keep the beat faster and slower with Page’s Train, and read the fun book Down by the Station while we sang the song.
Emphasizing the slow, we sang the song, Snail, Snail and made a spiral with me in the middle.  The children were able to read the rhythm of this song from the board.
We sang Who Has? and I was so pleased that the children remembered their So and Mi, along with the hand signs!  They were able to follow my hand signs and sing what I sang.  We then moved into another so-mi song:  Lemonade.
We sang My Paddle’s Keen and Bright,  and we learned about what paddles and canoes are.  We are still working on keeping the beat with our paddles.
We finished up with Mail Myself to You, where we learned the second verse.
Please have your children listen to the recordings so that they can learn these songs.  Here is My Paddle:
Here is Mail Myself to You:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaUkhvvP5LM
I look forward to seeing you next week!

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