Week of April 29th/ Class # 12

Week of April 29th/ Class # 12
April 29, 2016
April 27, 2016/Rehearsal #16
April 29, 2016

Week of April 29th/ Class # 12

Greetings, Prep 1 Families!

Thank you for another wonderful week of music-making in Prep 1! Our recitals are getting close, and we are all very excited for you to experience all the music and fun – please continue to use this blog as an important source of information, and a tool for your child to continue learning at home!

*Important Information About Next Week’s Rehearsal Location*

Next week’s rehearsals will NOT be at FCC. All Prep classes will take place down the road at Los Altos United Methodist Church, 655 Magdalena Ave. Room assignments are as follows:

Tuesday Prep 1: Room 7

Wednesday Prep 1: Room 7

Thursday Prep 1: Room 9

Recital Season is Coming!

Prep Recitals are a wonderful tradition here at Cantabile. They provide friends and family a little window into our prep classes, featuring songs, dances, games and musicianship activities from the entire season, with brief explanations from the teachers. It is a great opportunity for your child to perform in a low-key and fun setting! We can’t wait to share our accomplishments with you! Here is some information:

Jazmine and Emily’s Prep 1 Class Recital (Tuesday and Wednesday Prep 1):

Tuesday May 17th– 3.30-4.15 pm (*please note day switch for Emily’s class!) Sign up for the potluck here!

Katie’s Prep 1 Class Recital (Thursday Prep 1):

Thursday, May 19th – 3:30-4:15 pm (*please note earlier time!) Sign up for the potluck here!


New Cantabile singers will need uniforms for our spring recitals and concert – please order as soon as possible at Merry Mart Uniforms, as they tend to sell out of the Prep skirts fairly quickly. Singers will need to be in full Cantabile uniform for the Prep 1 Recitals. Please note that Prep 1 singers need to be wearing the red polo shirts with the Cantabile logo, and uniform black pants for boys, and skirts for girls.

From Jazmine

  • We welcomed one another with two of our favorite songs, Waddaly Atcha and Downright, Upright!
  • We danced and sang “My Little Boat Turned Over!”
  • We practiced one of our recital songs, Rubber Ducky! The kids are really getting the lyrics and melody and they love playing the rhythmic response on the squeaky ducks for some extra instrument fun. Continue to practice this at home with your child!
  • We practiced our soft singing with the Japanese lullaby, Deta, Deta, a lovely song based upon the pentatonic scale.
  • The children then formed a band, by singing and playing Oh, We Can Play on the Big Bass Drum! The children loved exploring the different percussion instruments, and playing their quarter note rhythms with confidence and expression! Find different “instruments” around the house (a pan, a spoon, a bag of rice or dried beans) and have your child share this fun song with you.
  • We followed up our study of the marching band by reading the special book, Animal Music, which depicts different animals playing band instruments.
  • The children played and sang the game Naughty Kitty Cat and clapped the rhythm, which included one of our newest rhythms, the quarter note rest!
  • We hopped, buzzed, hissed and pecked our way through the fun song, On a Log, which is also a great opportunity to practice our solfege and to play and chant a number of different rhythmic patterns.
  • We sang and played the fun game Alley Alley-oh!
  • We reviewed another of our favorite recital songs, What if the Raindrops.
  • We ended with a lively game of Looby Loo!
  • Please continue to review the recital songs and lyrics with the help of the Prep 1 Recital Lyrics!

From Emily

  • Today we started officially preparing for our recital, which will take place on Tuesday, May 17 with Teacher Jazmine’s class.
  • I heard the children sing without me in the songs Charlie Over the Ocean, Percy the Pale Faced Polar Bear, Rubber Ducky and Mail Myself to You. Keep up the good work on having your kids learn all the words to Percy, Rubber Ducky and Mail Myself to You.  They are sounding better and more confident than ever!
  • The children re-affirmed their knowledge of the notes So, Mi and La in the song Snail Snail and then added to new note, Do in the song Mouse Mousie.  We re-inforced their understanding of Do by playing songs with the Boomwhackers, finding it on our tone ladder, and using their hand signs.
  • The children practiced Beat and Rhythm by keeping the beat in Naughty Kitty Cat,  and then deriving the rhythm for Snail Snail.

From Katie

  • We started off with the lively dance, Looby Loo, which is a fun opportunity for the children to pick new body parts to shake, and to warm up the voices with a lovely high siren “woooh!”
  • The children sang and danced the song “Cherry Pie,” which features the pitches So and Mi –  a wonderful chance to work on intonation while the children sing about their favorite pie.
  • We revisited Oh My, No More Pie, which is another excellent opportunity for pitch matching, this time in a minor key. The children each got a special percussion instrument to maintain the beat, and also switched to playing the rhythm of the words.
  • We kept the instruments out, and the children echoed a variety of 4-beat rhythmic patterns while chanting the tahs and titi’s – and then they took turns improvising their own rhythms! So fun!
  • We continued with even more rhythm study by playing a “mystery rhythm” which was written on the whiteboard, and featured our newest rhythm, the quarter note rest (written like a Z). The children all figured out that the rhythm was for Naughty Kitty Cat! They then stood up and played this game.
  • There were more wiggles to get out after our lively cat dance, so the children created new movements for the song Hop, Old Squirrel
  • The squirrels stayed in the garden and practiced two important recital songs, Garden of People (a beautiful American folksong), and Deta, Deta (a Japanese lullaby).
  • The children reviewed two more recital songs, What if the Raindrops and Rubber Ducky. They are getting these songs down and should continue reviewing at home!
  • We ended with a lively game of Bluebird, which is always a great opportunity for teamwork and moving to the beat!
  • Please continue to review the recital songs and lyrics with the help of the Prep 1 Recital Lyrics!

See you next week!

Jazmine, Emily, and Katie

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