Prep 1 Blog #3 Week of February 28, 2017

Feb. 27 – Bravi / VTG Rehearsal #6
March 3, 2017
Prep 2 Blog #3 Week of February 28, 2017
March 3, 2017

Prep 1 Blog #3 Week of February 28, 2017

Prep 1 –  Tuesday, Jazmine 

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a lovely ski week and I was delighted to see everyone at Cantabile this week.

We started off by learning a new ‘getting to know you’ song called “Hickety Tickety Bumble Bee” on which we all sang on our names, and echoed back the names of our friends on “sol” and “mi”.  After that we had fun making our “Spring Vocal Explorations” and using our scarves for warmups.  We also continued learning how to listen for and match pitch with the warm up “I love to sing and play”, as well as beginning to create long, tall, choral vowels when we sing.  Then, we had fun reading and arranging St. Patrick’s Day rhythms, including learning a new symbol for “shhh” or “rest”.  We will continue working with our tas, ti-tis, rests, and other rhythms all semester.

Next, we reviewed our “Windshield Wipers” song, and sang it both on the words and the solfege pitches “la”, “sol”, and “mi”.  We reviewed that “la” is our highest pitch, “sol” is in the middle, and “mi” is currently on the bottom.  Then we ‘read’ the melody on rain drop pitches on a staff while we sang the solfege, and the song.  Continuing our rain theme, we learned an alternate version of “Rain Rain”.  We practiced keeping the beat on our ‘rain charts’ and sang the song on its rhythm, its solfege, and on the words.  Each week we will continue practicing playing the beat of a song and its rhythm, and discovering the difference between the two.

Next we played our favorite “Here Comes The Bluebird” game and I was impressed by how so many of the singers can sing the entire song in their “beautiful singing” (or head) voices.  Then we learned a new game “Bee Bee, Bumble Bee” in which we kept the rhythm on different parts of our body while we sang, until the Bee ‘stung’ someone who then had to try and chase them back to their spot in the circle.  I especially loved the way everyone played safely!

Lastly we reviewed the words to our “Rainbow Song” and had fun popping up and down when we were wearing the colors described in the song.  


Prep 1 –  Thursday, Emily 

Dear Parents,

I am starting to hear more singing from the children this week, which is wonderful! Here is what we did in class this week:

We started with Down in the Valley, where pairs of children choose a motion in the center of the circle.  They are just getting the hang of this game, and as we play it more, I expect they will get more bold in their motions.

We practiced standing as good choristers and warmed up our voices with sirens and exercises.

The children practiced keeping the beat and clapping the rhythm with the Rhyme 2,4,6,8. Then they derived the rhythm of the rhyme and we wrote it on the board.  

I changed the rhythm on the board and they read it back to me.  It was the rhythm for our next game Doggie, Doggie, Where’s Your Bone.  This game gives each child the chance to sing a line of her or his own. The children then worked with me to figure out the melody of the song in Solfege, and we sang it with solfege and hand signs. We wrote the notes we know—So, Mi and La—on a tone ladder, and then they followed a short improvisation with those notes.  The tone ladder is a very helpful tool in teaching children about writing music on the staff.

The tone ladder led us to our next game, Ring Around the Rosy, which also has the notes So, Mi and La.

We ended our class with 2 french songs:  Chocolat Chaud and Jean Petit qui danse.

Thank you, and I will see you all next week!

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