Prep 1 Rehearsal Blog # 8 November 3rd

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November 4, 2016
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November 5, 2016

Prep 1 Rehearsal Blog # 8 November 3rd

Greetings, Prep 1 Families,

We had a fun and productive rehearsal yesterday-  the children we so engaged, happy and singing, and we are on track for a lovely recital in December!

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Prep 1 Girls Uniform

Prep 2 Boys Uniform

Rehearsal Recap

  • The children gathered together as we sang the American folksong, Come Along, Everybody, with varied motions.
  • We sang and played a fun circle game from African-American origins, Just From the Kitchen. The children loved taking turns “flying” across the circle, and picking new foods to take from the kitchen!
  • The children played the fun partner dance, Naughty Kitty Cat, which will also serve as a great tool in learning about the quarter note rest in a few weeks!
  • We warmed up our singing voices by having the singers take turns leading our Winter Vocal Explorations.
  • The singers had a great time sharing their favorite activities with the warm-up, “I Love to Sing.”
  • The children practiced switching between playing the beat and the tah-titi rhythms in the song Cherry Pie. We also sang the song in solfege and discovered it has three pitches: sol-la and mi. The children showed where the pitches were with hand motions. They also had a great time picking new pie flavors!
  • We reviewed one of their recital songs, I’m Thankful. We worked on motions which helped the children remember the lyrics and access the higher part of their singing voices. They are sounding great!
  • The children learned a new circle game called Bluebird. This is also a great tool in team-work, intonation, and stepping to the beat!
  • We reviewed another favorite song, The Marvelous Toy, particularly the refrain, which includes a zip, bop, and whirrrrrr! They love this song!
  • We ended class with a very fun listening activity to Respighi’s Fantastic Toy Shop. The children loved pretending to be their favorite toy before falling asleep when the music stopped! It was a great opportunity to listen and identify different sections in an orchestral piece.

This week:

In addition to going over the activities mentioned above, please continue to have your child listen to I’m Thankful, The Marvelous Toy, and the  Mp3 of Sleigh Song from previous blogs.

Thank you for a great class, and see you next week!


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