Prep 1 Rehearsal Blog # 7 October 27th

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October 27, 2016
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October 28, 2016

Prep 1 Rehearsal Blog # 7 October 27th

Greetings, Prep 1 Families!

We had a fun and productive class in Prep 1 Chorus today. Today was the last day of our Halloween Unit, and from here on we will be focusing on our recital pieces and learning musical concepts through a variety of holiday songs and activities.

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Rehearsal Recap

  • We sang the nonsense song Waddaly Atcha while the children picked different places to keep the steady beat. They also selected different sounds to make at the ends of the song, such as “BOO!” “CHOO-CHOO,” and “LOO!” All of these sounds were great for helping to warm up their singing voices!
  • We had the chance to sing everyone’s name in My Spooky Boat Turned Over. The children made a circle and held hands as they walked to the beat, a difficult and impressive skill to master! Have your child teach you this song and dance this week:

My spooky boat turned over

As the wind began to blow

It was all because of (name)

Who had never learned to row

  • The children explored their vocal range with the help of Otis the Owl – each child took a turn flying Otis up and down while we followed with our voices. I could really hear their vocal ranges opening up!
  • The children learned a new song Who Is in the Forest, which we sang while passing the owl. Each time the song ended a a child got to sing their name, which I then wrote on the board with its rhythm!
  • The children used rhythm sticks to play the rhythm of their names. We discovered that almost everyone had two syllable names (ti-ti) except for Nick (tah) and Aurelia (tiri-tiri).
  • We learned a new Halloween song called Ghost, Ghost, which the children sang while pretending to be ghosts lying down on the ground. The children sat up on the high notes and lay down on the low notes as a “ghost hunter” walked around in search of a ghost to capture. Each time the song ended the hunters captured new ghosts to join their hunt. So much fun!
  • The children discovered that Ghost, Ghost has two notes, sol and mi, and they took turns tapping these notes on the staff as we sang the song in solfege.
  • The children each got their own staff with ghost notes and composed their own ghosts songs with sol-mi and doh. They came up with some wonderful and creative tunes!
  • The children played jingle bells and tambourines as we reviewed one our recital songs, Sleigh Song. They all remembered that in the A section they just sing, and in the B section, they play ti-ti’s (or eighth notes) with the bells, to represent the sound of the sleigh hastening.
  • We ended class with a lovely picture book, Over in the Hollow, which journeys from number 1 to 13, featuring different spooky characters for each number.

This week:

In addition to going over the activities mentioned above, please continue to have your child listen to I’m Thankful, The Marvelous Toy, and this Mp3 of Sleigh Song:

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