Prep 1 Rehearsal # 2/ Thursday Sept. 22nd

Prep 3 Rehearsal # 2/ Week of Sept. 23rd
September 23, 2016
Prep 2 Blog # 2/Week of Sept. 23rd
September 23, 2016

Prep 1 Rehearsal # 2/ Thursday Sept. 22nd

Greetings, Prep 1 Families!

Thank you for a lovely rehearsal this week! It was wonderful to meet my singers, and I know we will have an exciting semester of music-making! The theme of our first few rehearsals is All About Me, singing songs and playing games which help the children express who they are, and to become friends with each other! This week, your child went home with a songbook, so all the songs mentioned below can be reinforced at home!

Rehearsal Recap Rehearsal 2 – Theme – All About Me, All About Us!

  • The children were led to a circle with the cheerful and engaging Oklahoma folk song, Come Along, Everybody. This song features repeated lyrics and cumulative actions, and allows opportunity for improvised movement and name-sharing. Please have your child teach you this fun song and dance, so the whole family can join in!
  • The children had fun exploring different feelings with the song Downright, Upright.
  • They continued to get to know one another with the African-American circle song, Shake Hands With Friends. Shaking hands is not as easy as it looks – so this game engages the voice, eye contact, social interaction, and fine motor skills, all while stepping to the beat.
  • The singers had a great time exploring their attic and basement voices with a fun Insect Vocal Explorations activity, led by each child one at a time!
  • The singers shared their favorite activities in the vocal warm-up, I Love to Sing, switching the word “sing” to other hobbies, such as skating, swimming, science, and many other exciting activities!
  • The singers loved meeting our special guest, Pucinella, as we sang and danced to the the song “Look Who’s Here.” We played a wonderful game which promotes improvised movement and confidence in performance, while featuring each singer one at a time.
  • The children took turns playing the steady beat on the drum and saying their name in two opposite ways, with the song Acka Backa, switching the words “out goes you” to “who are you?”
  • The children then loved exploring the space with the singing and movement game, Walk and Stop.
  • We then performed the rhythm and beat to the chant Apples, Peaches, Pears, and Plums, Tell Me When Your Birthday Comes! The singers popped up when their birthday month was called out!
  • We then practiced clapping and chanting the rhythm of four different feelings: Happy, Sad, Angry, and Silly, hence discovering the difference between tah (one sound) and ti-ti (two sounds). The singers had a great time making a face to match each feeling!
  • The children practiced a small portion of one of their recital songs, Sleigh Song.
  • We ended rehearsal with the raucous and fun circle dance, Looby Loo.
  • For this week, please go through all the songs we mentioned above, with the use of the posted recordings and your songbook. Also listen to I’m Thankful.

Prep 1 Chorus Expectations – please read!

This is the best age to start routines and expectations so children can embark upon a lifetime of choral singing! At Cantabile, we expect our singers to:

  1. Raise your hand to speak
  2. Be an active participant
  3. Be kind and considerate
  4. Play instruments when asked

Please share these with your child and remember that for some Prep 1 singers, this may be their first structured class activity – therefore, if you feel your child will struggle with these expectations, we ask that a parent or caregiver stay until the expectations can be met, and assist as needed. Even at this age, we take the musical progress of every child very seriously, and in order for this to happen, we need an optimal classroom environment. Thank you for your support!

Have a lovely weekend, and see you next Thursday!


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