Prep 1 Blog # 4 Thursday October 6th

October 3 – Bravi/VTG Rehearsal #5
October 7, 2016
Prep 2 Blog # 4 Week of October 7th
October 8, 2016

Prep 1 Blog # 4 Thursday October 6th

Greetings, Prep 1 Families,

Thank you for another lovely week of rehearsing in Prep 1 Chorus! It was lovely to welcome Ashley and Nicole back from their trip, and we had a new singer, Aurelia, join us today! What a great group of young singers!

Rehearsal Recap:

  • We kicked off class with a fun song featuring body percussion and nonsense words, Waddaly Atcha. The children had a lot of fun creating new vocal sounds to make on the final beat!
  • The children did an excellent job stepping in a circle to the beat, whilst singing Sally Go Round the Sun. We replaced Sally with a singer’s name each time we sang it, and ended the song with a big jump and “boom boom!”
  • The children had fun making spooky ghost sounds with our Halloween Vocal Explorations.
  • We then sang the song Hickety Tickety while the children passed a pumpkin to the beat – each time the pumpkin landed with a new friend, they sang the name of their favorite candy!
  • The children improvised new movement to the song “Hop, Old Witch.”
  • The children then learned a new spooky song called “Old Witch,” where they discovered the tah’s and titi’s in the words “Woosh,” “Meow,” “Plop,” and “Weee.” Then the singers were each given instruments to play these sounds as they sang the song again. So much spooky fun:

There was an old witch
Believe it if you can
She tapped on the windows
And she ran, ran, ran
She ran helter-skelter
With her toes in the air,
Cornstalks were flying
From the old witch’s hair.

Swish goes the broomstick
Meow goes the cat,
Plop goes the hop-toad
Sitting on her hat.

“Whee!” chuckled I,
What fun, what fun!
Halloween night
When the old witch runs.

  • We then did a spooky dance to Looby Loo, but we sang it in minor, and called out different bones in our body, ending with our whole skeleton!
  • The children then got their own “ghost notes,” with which they composed short melodies, using sol-mi, la, and doh! They are all very creative composers!
  • We then sang through another recital song, “I’m Thankful.” The children enjoyed looking at pictures and creating movements for each phrase.
  • We sang goodbye with the familiar tune Shake Hands With Friends. The children are becoming very confident in finding new friends to shake hands with!

This week:

  • In addition to going over the activities mentioned above, please have your child listen to I’m Thankful, and this Mp3 of Sleigh Song:


Have a lovely weekend!



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