Prep 1 Blog REPOST Week of November 25th

Prep 2 Blog # 10 Week of November 25th
November 18, 2016
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November 18, 2016

Prep 1 Blog REPOST Week of November 25th

Greetings, Prep 1 Families,

We had a lovely and productive time in Prep 1 this week! As we approach our recital, the children are really learning their songs well, whilst continuing to learn and practice many musical concepts each week. I am very proud of them!

Recital Season is Coming! Please Purchase Concert Attire Here:

Prep 1 Girls Uniform

Prep 1 Boys Uniform

Please invite friends and family to Prep 1’s special recital on Thursday December 8th at 3:30 – PLEASE NOTE EARLIER TIME.

Please bring a dish to share at our potluck, taking place directly after the recital. Please sign up HERE.

Rehearsal Recap 

  • The children gathered together as we sang the American folksong, Come Along, Everybody, with varied motions.
  • The children clapped and chanted a familiar rhythm, featuring tah’s, ti-ti’s and rests, only to discover it was one of our favorite partner dances, Naughty Kitty Cat! Then the children did the partner dance, which is an impressive display of hand-eye coordination, team-work, and steady beat.
  • We then got out rhythm sticks and chanted and played a number of fun rhythms with the Holiday Rhythm Cards. The children took turns arranging the cards in different orders to create new “compositions.”
  • We then did some of our favorite vocal warm-ups: Winter Vocal Explorations, and “I Love to Sing,” which allows the children to pick new favorite activities to sing about.
  • The children reviewed Sleigh Song, and worked especially hard to engage their head voices (or treehouse voice, as we call it) in the higher sections of the song.
  • We played a fun new circle game, called All Around the Kitchen. The children took turns creating new movements, and they are doing an excellent job stepping to the beat while maintaining a circle formation.
  • The children reviewed another recital song, I’m Thankful. They are learning all their words so well!
  • We sang The Marvelous Toy whilst looking at the picture book to help us remember the words.
  • The children played a fun new game, Who Stole a Piece of My Pumpkin Pie?
  • We ended class with our familiar good-bye song, Shake Hands With Friends
  • This week:In addition to going over the activities mentioned above, please continue to have your child listen to I’m Thankful, The Marvelous Toy, and this Mp3 of Sleigh Song:
  • Please also share the sheet music for Marvelous Toy with your child!

Have a lovely weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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