Week of March 31st/ Class #8

Thursday March 31st/ Rehearsal # 12
April 1, 2016
Week of April 1st/ Class # 8
April 1, 2016

Week of March 31st/ Class #8

Greetings, Prep 1 Families!

Thanks for another fun and productive week of singing and music-making in Prep 1! It is great to see the children become so confident and expressive in their singing, and we are having so much fun learning the basic concepts in music through dancing, singing and play. This week, from boats to bubbles, to bath towels and fish, we had fun continuing with our water theme! Please continue to use the recap of our class and musical suggestions in this blog to encourage practice and singing at home with your child!

From Jazmine (Tuesday):

We had another fun and lively class this week! We started out by revisiting some songs we learned last week, including “My Little Boat Turned Over” (with body movements), our Vocal Waves withs scarfs, and “Hickery Tickery Fish In The Sea”, which is always a great chance for our students to practice their solo singing when they sing their name back.  We had fun playing “Charlie Over the Ocean” and picking new colored fish each time.  This song is also great for learning to echo, and for solo singing.  We learned a new game called “Ickle-Ockle” which is played in the same way as “Duck Duck Goose”.  Then, we learned a new song, called the Alley-Alley-O about a big ship in the ocean which sank! We had fun enacting the big ship, the captain, and swimming down in the ocean looking for the lost ship.  Next, we learned the bridge to “Rubbery Ducky” and reviewed our ocean creatures rhythms using tahs and ti-tis.  We closed out this week with the book “Over In the Ocean” and the singers had fun singing along, counting the number of sea creatures on each page, and coming up with motions for each one too!  It was a great week full of movement and music, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all next Tuesday!

From Emily (Wednesday):

It was just Jaiying and I this week, and we had some fun.  We started our class with a new song:  Telephone, a call and response song that allows each person to sing on her own. We are excited to teach it to Eva next week.

In addition to some vocal warm ups, we did a rhythm warm up by playing the rhythms of our names with sticks, and figuring out what those rhythms might be in Ta’s and Titi’s.  Keeping up with our beat and rhythm work, we sang Burnee Bee, and then read the rhythm from the board.  Jiaying then circled each beat in the first 2 measures, showing that she understood how the beats worked.

We kept the beat on our feet for the chants 2,4,6,8, and then again for Engine Number 9. We then looked at a worksheet that contained the rhythm for Engine Number 9, and we pointed to each beat as we said the rhyme.

We sang each other’s names in Hickety Tickety Bumble Bee, and then flew around like bees to Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumble Bee.   Here is a link to a video of an orchestra playing this piece.  It is a longer version than they are used to, but I like it because it shows all the individual instruments playing their parts.  Check it out!


We finished up our time together by singing some of our recital songs: Percy the Pale Faced Polar BearMy Paddle’s Keen and Bright, and Mail Myself to You.

From Katie (Thursday):

  • We started with one of our favorites, Downright Upright, and discovered that in some places we move to the beat, and in others, we clap the rhythm (the way the words go.) The kids always have a great time picking new feelings!
  • We welcomed one another by singing everyone’s name in “Sally Go Round the Sun.” The children love marching in a circle to the beat, and jumping on the big “Boom-Boom!”
  • We pulled out our fish puppet and sang Charlie Over the Ocean, which is a great song for the kids to work on pitch-matching and intonation. Each child took turns holding the fish and picking something new to “catch” in the ocean.
  • We continued with our ocean theme by playing the rhythm of several different sea creatures on our sea creature rhythm cards. The children were able to identify the creatures as either “tah,” “titi,” or “titi tah” and we had several “composers” switch the order to create different sea compositions!
  • The children traded their rhythm sticks for “bath towels” (actually musical scarves) and dried themselves to the beat of  Rubber Duckie. We then sang the song again and found all the different words that rhyme – this is helping the children learn the song quickly!
  • Our bath towels became beautiful flowers as we reviewed Garden of People – the children are really picking this song up, and are working hard to sing all the sustained words: “Sun,” “Moon,” “Wind,” and “Earth.” Have your child sing the song for you this week, and be sure to remember the big Cha Cha Cha at the end!
  • We stayed in the garden and played the fun singing circle game, Bluebird.
  • The children turned their bluebird train into a boat, and floated across the water singing Row Row Row Your Boat. Next week, we will sing in canon, in 2-part harmony!
  • We explored this gorgeous piece of music from the Impressionist period of music, Claude Debussy’s En Bateau (On the Boat.) The children each got a balloon which they used to show when the music changed in speed and mood. When the music became faster and livelier, the balloons bounced and floated higher and higher! This piece was originally written for 4-hands piano, but this arrangement is for Flute and Harp. Next week, we will look at pictures of these instruments, and learn a little more about them.
  • We sang the lovely lullaby, Starlight, Starbright, while using our colored wand to make wishes in a circle. The children sing this song with beautiful, clear voices, and are able to show the melodic contour. Please show them what the first two phrases look like on the staff here:

IMG_0603 (2)

The lyrics are: “Starlight, Starbright, first star I see tonight.” We will look at these notes on the staff in greater detail next week!

Have a lovely weekend!

Katie, Emily, and Jazmine

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