Week of February 26th/ Class # 3

Week of February 26th/ Class # 3
February 26, 2016
Week of February 26th/ Class # 3
February 27, 2016

Week of February 26th/ Class # 3

Greetings, Prep 1 Families!

Thank you for another lovely week of singing and music fun in Prep 1! We are dancing into Spring with songs about insects, animals, trains, lemonade, and see saws, while learning some fundamental music concepts. Enjoy reading about our musical adventures below, and please continue using this blog as a resource for music practice and growth and home!

From Katie and Jazmine

  • We are continuing to explore different zany ways of keeping the steady beat with the songs My Poor Hand Is Shaking, and Wadally Atcha.
  • We walked to the beat and sang each other’s names with the song Sally Go Round the Suna fun song to sing at home with family!
  • We started a new echo song, “I Sing, You Sing” which was a great way for the children to work on basic intonation and finding their head voice. Many of the children sang solos, and the children were also able to distinguish beat from rhythm by clapping the rhythm of the words as they sang!
  • The children distinguished High and Low sounds, AND Loud and Soft sounds with a song “Fleas.” Have your child sing the song for you, and watch out! You may be bitten by that pesky flea!
  • This week and next, we are exploring the song, “On a Log, Mr. Frog,” which is so fun for exploring different animal sounds and movements, and is serving as an excellent introduction to quarter note rest! It also features the pitches sol, la and mi. Stay tuned for a recording next week. In the meantime, enjoy the lyrics and sounds, which is attached below.
  • We galloped in 6/8 to Here We Go Riding Our Ponies! Sing and gallop at home!
  • We started a new recital song If All of the Raindrops! Have your child show you how we open our mouths for the beautiful “Ah”section.
  • We ended with the lovely singing book, “A Hunting We Will Go!” which is also part of the fun game, Grand Old Duke of York, which we will learn next week!!

From Emily:

We had so much fun in our class this week!  We did our first part-singing with our welcome song, I am the Train that Stops for You.  The children sang a “toot toot toot” obstinate while I sang the song.  Continuing with our train theme, we sang Page’s Train, which and we played with faster and slower tempi.  Marieva brought her old fashioned metronome, so we used it to help us set different beats for our song.  The children then helped me create vocal exploration shapes on the board to warm up our high and low voices.

In our continuing work on understanding Beat and Rhythm, we used drums and sticks to hear practice keeping a steady beat and clicking the sticks along with the words of our chant 2,4,6,8.  We learned that sometimes we hear one sound on a beat, and sometimes we hear more than one. The children discovered that they sometimes hear 2 sounds on each beat.  We learned that we can call them Ta (one sound on the beat) and Titi (2 sounds on the beat).  I showed them how to write it on the board, and read the rhythm from the board.  The children then read the opening rhythm of our next song from the board.

We got back on the train with Engine, Engine, Number 9. We worked on keeping the beat in our feet by marching faster and slower while we sang the song.

We worked on ways to show higher and lower sounds in the songs See Saw and Lemonade.

We sang Percy the Pale Faced Polar Bear, and then I taught them the song My Paddle’s Keen and Bright.  The Paddle song is a canon, and once we know it well, we will work on singing it in canon.  Below are recordings of both songs.

On a Log (2)


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