Week of February 12/ Class # 2

February 8, 2016/Rehearsal #19
February 10, 2016
Week of February 12th/ Class # 2
February 13, 2016

Week of February 12/ Class # 2

Greetings, Prep 1 Families!

Thank you for another great week of singing and music fun! Please remember that next week, we are off for Ski Week, so there will not be classes. Enjoy this blog as a tool to make music and review songs with your child at home. The first paragraph is for Jazmine’s class (Tuesday Prep 1) and my class (Thursday Prep 1) and the second paragraph is for Emily’s class (Wednesday Prep 1). Enjoy!

Katie and Jazmine’s Classes:

  • Once again, we began class with the fun song Waddaly Atcha. Sing this with your child and encourage him/her to find new places to keep the steady beat, and new sounds to make at the end of the song! Especially encourage high sounds to engage the head voice!
  • We sang and danced to the lilting song, My Little Boat Turned Over, which is an excellent opportunity for the children to step to the beat, cooperate in a group circle game, and to learn one another’s names. You can play this at home!
  • We played the circle game, Bee Bee Bumble Bee, which is another opportunity to maintain a steady beat on various parts of the body while chanting this funny rhyme about a bee that stings a man on his knee, and a pig on his snout – OINK!
  • We listened to the famous piece by Rimsky-Korsakov, The Flight of the Bumble Bee while children took turns being the “Queen Bee,” flying through the hive and waiting to “sting” the next Queen Bee!
  • We started a new recital song, which is also great for Valentine’s Day – Mail Myself to You. Review the words with your child at home and make up movements to the chorus, or recurring section “I’m gonna wrap myself in paper…”
  • We had fun with rhythm by playing and saying the rhythmic syllables of different Valentine’s Day words on the rhythm sticks. Have your child share some of these words and rhythms with you at home!

Emily’s Classes:

We started this week’s class with some songs about food and kitchens.  First, the children improvised movements to the song All Around the Kitchenthen we kept the steady beat to Down to the Baker’s Shop on sticks while singing about different delicious desserts we might buy there.  We practiced following a leader while we sizzled sausage, but then we were thirsty, so we played the game Lemonade. Each child got to sing by herself as she sold lemonade to the rest of us in this call and response game, which also an excellent tool for teaching the concept of High and Low, and basic pitch-matching.

We also explored high and low in the song See Saw. We reviewed the concepts of beat and rhythm using the drums while we sang See Saw, tooThe children performed the beat and rhythm separately, and then one child played the beat while another played the rhythm.

We practiced marching to the beat and using high and low voices to the chant:


Meet me at the garden gate

If I’m late, don’t wait


We learned the song Percy the Pale Faced Polar Bear, which we will be singing in our recital at the end of the semester.  Please review the words with your child!

Finally, we learned the dance “Hunt the Cows,” and the children did a great job with their snoring and waking up!

See you in 2 weeks!

Katie, Jazmine, and Emily


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