November 9, 2015/Rehearsal #10
November 13, 2015
November 9, 2015/Rehearsal #10
November 14, 2015

Greetings, Prep 1 Families!

Thank you for another lovely week of rehearsals – the date for our little recital is nearing, and all the children are making great progress!

Please note: All Prep 1 and 2 classes are cancelled on Tuesday December 1st, in lieu of our holiday concert dress rehearsal for the Upper Choirs. There will be a catch up rehearsal on Tuesday December 15th!

Rehearsal Overview

We started off class with some new songs, and some familiar favorites favorites: Downright, Upright, Cherry Pie, and Buenos Dias!

The children also engaged both their “attic” and “basement” voices by creating sounds with our good friend, “Shy Guy!”

We started a beautiful new song from the classic musical “The Sound of Music,” Edelweiss. Please share and sing along to this video with your child – and ask to see the beautiful movements we learned this week!

We also reviewed fun new song honoring Hanukkah, called O Hanukkah– please share the attached pictures and lyrics with your child this week, and ask to see our fun dance moves!

This week, we continued to use paper raindrops to sight-sing on solfege syllables doh, mi, sol, and la. The kids had a blast switching the order of the raindrops, hence composing their own short melodies. Each child was also given a rhythm sheet with raindrops to differentiate between beat and rhythm! Next week, we will use the song Bow Wow Wow to learn about the quarter note rest!

This week, continue to share these songs with your child as we prepare for our upcoming recitals:


Do Re Mi

The Rainbow Song

The Marvelous Toy

Things I’m Thankful For

And our most recent song:

O Hanukkah

Enjoy listening and singing these songs with your child!

Have a lovely weekend!


Katie and Jazmine

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