Week of Nov 6th/ Class # 9

Week of Nov 6th/ Class # 9
November 6, 2015
November 11, 2015/Rehearsal #12
November 12, 2015

Week of Nov 6th/ Class # 9

Greetings, Prep 1 Families!

Thank you for another lovely week of rehearsals – we are covering so many different concepts and activities each week, and everyone is making great progress.


Please ensure that you have ordered your singer’s uniform –Merry Mart Uniforms tends to sell out of the Prep skirts fairly quickly. Singers will need to be in full Cantabile uniform at the Prep 1 Recitals. Please note that Prep 1 singers need to be wearing the red polo shirts with the Cantabile logo, and uniform black pants for boys, and skirts for girls. They need to be ordered THIS WEEKEND otherwise they will not arrive on time!

Rehearsal Overview

We started off class with some new songs, and some familiar favorites favorites: Downright, Upright, Cherry Pie, and Bow Wow Wow!

The children also engaged both their “attic” and “basement” voices by creating sounds with their ‘vocal elevators,” and echoing Rex the Horse.

We started a fun new song honoring Hanukkah, called O Hanukkah– please share the attached pictures and lyrics with your child this week, and ask to see our fun dance moves!

We also used paper raindrops to sight-sing on solfege syllables doh, mi, sol, and la. The kids had a blast switching the order of the raindrops, hence composing their own short melodies.

The children were also super excited to play the instruments this week, creating the sound of different raindrops in Katie’s version of the song “Rain, Rain.” We are so excited for the rain to come this year, and we sang these words:

Rain, Rain, come and stay

Drizzling, dripping, fun for play

Rain, Rain, cool and clean

Stay with us, make grasses green

We used the drums, cabasa, shakers, tambourine, and rhythm sticks to make big drops, small drops, storms, and mist, all whilst keeping the steady beat of the song!

For homework, the children should continue to listen and memorize their recital songs:


Do Re Mi

The Rainbow Song

The Marvelous Toy

Things I’m Thankful For

And our most recent song:

O Hanukkah

Enjoy listening and singing these songs with your child!

Have a lovely weekend!


Katie and Jazmine


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