Week of October 30/ Class # 8

Week of October 29/Class #8
October 30, 2015
Week of October 30/ Class # 8
October 31, 2015

Week of October 30/ Class # 8

Greetings, Prep 1 Families!

Thank you for another great week of rehearsals, which involved some pretty spooky singing!

We started off class with some singing favorites: Downright, Upright, Five Little Pumpkins, and Just From the Kitchen, featuring different types of favorite Halloween candies!

The children also engaged both their “attic” and “basement” voices by creating different ghost sounds on “wooh.” It is lovely to hear how much their vocal range is expanding this semester. The singers then did further work on pitch-matching and solo singing, with the help of our special Witch Puppet!

We also used paper ghosts to sight-sing on solfege syllables doh, mi, sol, and la. The kids had a blast switching the order of the ghosts, hence composing their own short melodies.

The children were also super excited to play the instruments this week, as sound effects in the song “Old Witch.” They used a cabasa for the sound of the broomstick, the handbell for the sound of the cat, the drum for the toad, and tambourine for the witch’s chuckle – all in all, a lot of creepy fun!

We also had another exciting listening and movement activity, this time to Saint-Saens’ music “Fossils” from Carnival of the Animals. The children all danced like skeletons, and demonstrated excellent listening skills. Please listen to the attached recording with your child this week, and have them share with you the secret nursery rhyme which is hidden in the song!

For homework, the children should continue to listen and memorize their recital songs:


Do Re Mi

The Rainbow Song

The Marvelous Toy

And, our most recent song, Things I’m Thankful For

Enjoy listening and singing these songs with your child!

Have a lovely Halloween weekend!


Katie and Jazmine

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