Week of October 9/Class #5

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October 9, 2015
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October 29, 2015

Week of October 9/Class #5

Greetings, Prep 1 Families!

Thank you for another great week of rehearsals.

This week we learned a fun new song and dance: Bow Wow Wow. Have your child teach you the song and dance!

We once again played the African-American circle game Just From the Kitchen. This is a great way to learn everyone’s name. This week, have your child teach the family how to play!

We are also learning a new song for our recital – Gingerbread. This is fun to sing while moving like Gingerbread boys and girls. Here are the lyrics:


Gingerbread boys and Gingerbread girls,

We come together from around the world

Gingerbread cat and gingerbread mouse

We all live together in a gingerbread house

Mmmm gingerbread, smells so good

Take a little sniff, I wish you would

Mmmmmm gingerbread, nibble some too

I baked some ginger bread for YOU!

We also continued exploring the classic song from “The Sound of Music” Do Re Mi, and The Rainbow Song.

Along with the song The Marvelous Toy, the children have enjoyed moving like toys to the famous classical piece, Pizzicato from the Fantastic Toy Shop by Respighi. This music is attached – play it and dance like a toy with your child!

For our music theory activity, different children took turns keeping the steady “dog beat” to the song “Bow Wow Wow.” This was a challenging activity with some of the beats being a Quarter note rest – but the kids did a great job! In the coming weeks we will be focusing a lot on the steady beat, rhythms tah, titi, and rest, and the sol-la, mi-re-doh pitches. You can reinforce this at home by having your child sing songs while tapping the beat, or clapping the rhythm of the words.

Thank you again for a lovely week of rehearsals!


Katie and Jazmine

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