Intermediate Rehearsal Blog

Greetings, Intermediate Chorus,

I hope you had a productive and fun rehearsal with Lori on Thursday. I apologize for my absence – I was with you in spirit!

Rehearsal Habits

Guess what? Do you know there are only 6 regular rehearsals left before our Holidays With Cantabile Dress Rehearsal? If that seems like a small number, you’re right – it is! 6 rehearsals means we all have to bring our best voices and best attitudes to rehearsal each week, so you can successfully learn your music, and have a wonderful concert to share with family and friends. Some basic reminders about rehearsal etiquette:

  1. Raise your hand to speak
  2. Keep your eyes on the conductor
  3. Be an active, positive, and focused participant
  4. Follow all instructions
  5. Be respectful – of everyone!

If we can all remember these simple agreements, we will have a stunning performance and many fun rehearsals ahead! In the words of Hans Christian Anderson:

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

In essence, talking is often just noise, but music SPEAKS. Let’s remember to speak this universal language of music from now on and leave talking and murmuring at the door. This week, please copy the five reminders onto a sheet of paper, and sign your name at the bottom, so Lori and I know you are on board and understand the level of commitment involved at Cantabile. I will be collecting your signatures in rehearsal next week! Thanks in advance!

Repertoire, Recap and Action Items

Blustery Day 

  • You reviewed the differences between 6/8 and 3/4, as well as the difference between dividing the 2 beats in each 6/8 measure into three and two. Continue to review this concept at home!
  • You then focused on pitch and rhythmic accuracy on this piece, and on keeping your eyes on the conductor to follow in the correct tempo and dynamic cues.  Places you need to work on are  measure 16, 17 and 27 and 68.
  •  At ms. 99, you explored how to create a crisp [k] on “crown” without pushing too hard on the voice.
  • Listen to the mp3 while following along in your score – maintain the 6/8 vs. 3/4 beat pattern:

Unending Flame

  • Review the scalar passages on page 6 which we worked on – mi-fah-sol-la-fah-mi and mi-fah-sol-la-ti-doh-ti-RI (raised reh or 2nd scale degree) – sing on solfege and then sing the text.
  • From measure 64, pay attention to the beats where you CLAP – they change every time, and counting is required!
  • Listen while following along with your score, and review your part!
  • Step to the beat of the different tempos – where do they occur in the score (including page number and measure number)?

Peter, Go Ringa Dem Bells 

  • Sopranos in particular need to review the first section of the song – even the very first phrases were shaky last night – feel confident, and know you can sing it!
  • Review measures 69-85 in solfege and make sure your vocal part is solid.
  • Review the sections in 3-part harmony – mm. 91-92 and mm. 114-end of the song, recalling which part of the (vegetarian!) sandwich you sang in! Reinforce the complex rhythm by maintaining the steady beat on your body as you sing.
  • Remember not to over-sing the final consonant “L” in the word “bell.” Have a lovely, tall “eh” vowel and close into the “L” at the last possible moment, keeping it light and supported.
  • Go through your score and circle all the dynamics, and prepare to apply them to the song in the coming weeks.
  • Listen to your part:

Soprano 1

Soprano 2 (Soprano in 2-part sections)

Soprano 2 (Alto in 2-part sections



This sounded lovely last week – the harmonies are settling, and you sways were so effective in helping us feel the long phrases. You created beautiful vowels and a lovely, unified tone.

Action Items

  • Continue to memorize this song! You are ready! When doing so, adhere to the dynamics and be sure the long sustained phrases are sung on the breath, with beautiful and pure vowel sounds!
  • Study all the repeats in the song, which are numerous, to help you understand the overall structure of the piece.
  • Continue to listen to your part:

Part 1

Part 2

Peace on earth….and lots of little crickets

  • Work on the final measures of the song, (mm. 69-end) feeling the ribs are open and supported for your high notes – release and exhale on beautiful vowels, tall and free.
  • Continue to speak the text of the song in rhythm, particularly the sections we worked last night: m. 23, m. 31, m. 66, and m. 72.
  • If the ties are confusing, take them out and count the rhythm without the ties.
  • Watch and listen to the song, while following along in your score.
  • Part 2, review your harmonies starting in measure 57.
  • Part 1, take note of your harmonies which begin in measure 47.


  • Continue to Listen to Amani and take note of where the voices split into 3 parts – we will add harmonies next week!


Musicianship A Assignment

  • Singers who are complete Book 1 should complete pages 25-28
  • Singers halfway through Book 1 should complete pages 32-33
  • Singers in Book 2 should complete pages 13-14

Musicianship B

  • Please complete page 13-14 in Book III.

Advanced Musicianship

  • Study the A-flat major scale with solfege:

  • Write in the solfege for the sight-singing example below:

  • Clap and count the rhythm and then slowly sing the example on solfege syllables.
  • For most of you, It’s time to start composing with Noteflight! Please stay tuned for an email about log-in information. New composers should watch these tutorials: Noteflight Tutorial One, and Noteflight Tutorial Two. All Advanced singers should familiarize themselves with the website by reproducing/copying the above A-flat major sight-singing excerpt into a New Score – please use treble staff for your instrument. It will be a great tool in learning how to compose with dotted notes, natural signs, and other additions to the basic score. Returning Advanced singers can start composing a spooky Halloween song in f minor!


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