November 23, 2015/Rehearsal #12

November 23rd, 2015/Rehearsal #12
November 24, 2015
November 30, 2015/Rehearsal #13
December 3, 2015

November 23, 2015/Rehearsal #12

Dear Bravi,

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving, and are enjoying the rest of your time off!

We’re right up against it – our next rehearsal is our last before the dress rehearsal! Please remember that this rehearsal is mandatory, as we will be putting the finishing touches on everything before the concert.

Please also remember to send in, if you have not already, your recordings of Go Tell It to both myself and to Elena before Monday’s rehearsal; if we do not see these, we will assume that you are unable to perform the song and may ask you not to sing it on the concert.

You will need to review all your music before our final rehearsal on Monday. If you are unsure of notes or rhythms on any sections of the music, please spend particular time on those areas – we will not have time to practice individual notes on Monday.

Finally, please review the following information about Tuesdays’ dress. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Mr. Belles

Dress Rehearsal 12/1/2015


California Theater, 345 S 1st St, San Jose.

Please enter at the Artists Entrance, which is on backside of the theater on Market Street, just South of San Carlos Street (not at the main entrance entrance on 1st Street).

Bravi Call Time/Release Time:


Bravi Attire:

Full Concert Attire


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