November 16, 2015/Rehearsal #11

November 18, 2005/Rehearsal #13
November 20, 2015
November 16, 2015/Rehearsal #11
November 22, 2015

November 16, 2015/Rehearsal #11

Dear Bravi,

Thank you for your hard work on Monday night. I always enjoy working with you, and particularly appreciate your willingness to work towards artistic excellence. Behavior was a bit crazy from some of us on Monday; I believe that that was an aberration, and so expect that it will be much better next rehearsal.

We have very, very little rehearsal time left before the concert; our performance is just two weeks away. At this point, every little bit of rehearsal counts, so please come ready to sing. Particularly, please come early – before 5:25 – so that you are able to warm up with everyone else.

Please make sure that you are ready to sing our entire repertoire on Monday. In particular, please look at Go Tell It one more time. I know that almost all of you know your parts very well for this song, but now I would like you to start to actually anticipate each note physically in your vocal folds – know the song so well that you are able to predict what you will be requiring of your instruments at each moment of the song, and therefore so that you accurately prepare your instruments for every note before it comes.

Please also give the same type of work to The Rose/Lo, How A Rose – anticipate each note and prepare it beforehand so that it rings perfectly from your vocal instrument.

See you on Monday!

Mr. Belles

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