February 22, 2016/Rehearsal #20

Thursday February 25/ Rehearsal # 7
February 26, 2016
Week of February 26th/ Class # 3
February 26, 2016

February 22, 2016/Rehearsal #20

Dear Bravi,

I really was impressed with your work on sustained tone. Please carry that work forward throughout the year. It helps you to have a gentle, accurate, and connected sound.

The recording session is upon us! You are now responsible for having all your Winter Concert material at recording level. Please pay particular attention to “I Wish You Christmas,” page 8, measure 50 – make sure that you are able to make that entrance sound consistently as good as it did in rehearsal on Monday. And, of course, review Go Tell it and The Rose.

If you have extra time, please spend time memorizing Seven Bridges Road and practicing El Último Café. Here is a good recording of Cafë with the arranger himself conducting! (The singing starts around 2:10.) You can use this both for music and for pronunciation.

Here is the specific recording info:

When? Monday 2/29

Where? All Saints Episcopal Church in Palo Alto (555 Waverly St.)

Call Time? 5:00pm
Bravi/VTG Release? approximately 7:00pm

Please make sure you bring all of your music from the Holiday Concert as well as your water bottle and pencil. In terms of clothing, please be sure to wear soft-soled shoes and quiet clothing (no windbreakers, etc.). We will be taking some video at this session, so please, no shorts, athletic or otherwise.

See you then!

Mr. Belles

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