April 4, 2016/Rehearsal #25

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April 1, 2016
April 4, 2016/Rehearsal #12
April 7, 2016

April 4, 2016/Rehearsal #25

Dear Bravi,

Monday’s rehearsal was quite interesting; I so appreciate your flexibility! First, we worked together to find a proper TB part for Goza, then we spent time working on Seven Bridges Road, figuring out voicing, and really working on the notes and rhythms. (As a side note: that work that you did on 7BR will still come in very handy – we’re going to rearrange it for your voices, and you have the words, rhythms, and harmonies in your heads solidly.)

For this next week, please spend time getting together all your music for the Spring Concert!! We will be performing a number of pieces, and you are the best judge of how well you know each one. Please spend time on the appropriate piece of music so that it is ready to perform from memory at a moment’s notice.

TristezaEl Ultimo CaféSweet Honey in the RockBridge Over Troubled WaterGive Us HopeImagineBesame MuchoGirl From IpanemaOne Note SambaSeven Bridges Road (rearranged)Red, Red Rose (you will get a new copy of this one), and Come and SingEl Pambiche Lento, and Goza (we will have special arrangements of these for you).

We have a few surprises lined up for you (i.e., new music), and those will be coming to you in future rehearsals. Please, therefore, make sure that you are ready to go on all the above music that is not “yet-to-be-arranged/fixed,” since we may not have rehearsal time to devote to any of it anymore. Remember that we only have a few rehearsals left!!

Thanks, and see you on Monday!

Mr. Belles

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