January 18, 2016/Rehearsal #16

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January 20, 2016
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January 21, 2016

January 18, 2016/Rehearsal #16

Dear Bravi and VTG,

Thank you for your good work on Monday! A few words about vocal tone:

Please be constantly conscious of your own sound in the moment as you sing. Do not attempt to sing louder than is natural, and do not attempt to sing with a more mature (more “manly”) tone than is natural. Your voices are still developing, and not only do you not need to push them, you should not push them. Also, please be aware of proper vowel shape. Yes, you are singing in a very different register than you sang in just a few years ago (before your voice change), but all that you learned back then still applies. Please work to round your vowels, to sing with a spinning, pure tone, to breathe properly, etc. – you remember it all. It’s a lot to keep in mind, but it is incredibly critical to your singing. Also, basses, please do not swallow the sound. Some of you can sing with a very dark and heavy sound that is not your true sound, a sound that does not blend well with our lighter tenors. Tenors, please remain conscious of proper technique – you sing your high notes so well, but at times you can forget to round your vowels; also, as you sing higher notes, please look ahead and prepare to sing higher before those moments arrive,  otherwise you will be tempted to yell the notes, which does not produce a pleasing tone.

And now, practicing:

Please review Tristeza – it’s relatively simple, but there are a few tricky rhythms and notes (mm. 7-8).

Bridge Over Troubled WaterGive Us Hope, and The Rose – please make sure that you are 100% solid on notes and rhythms on each of these songs. BTW – The Rose sounded so, so good on Monday!!!  🙂

Bravi only, you know what your own songs are and how much work they require – The Girl from IpanemaBesame MuchoFeverOne Note Samba – simply put, learn these. We’ve run them in rehearsal, and you’re fully capable of polishing them off on your own. Also, please remember to attend the next two Thursday rehearsals (1/21 and 1/28) with Aria – these are critical to establishing Bravi this year.

In your extra rehearsal time, please review Double Shot.

Alright – again, good work, all singers – you produce such a pleasing sound when you’re focused, and it’s truly improving each year!

See you on Monday!

Mr. Belles

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