October CMS

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October 25, 2019
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October 25, 2019

October CMS

October CMS

The CMS that is award-winning platform by a huge number of electronic studios and their consumers. Predicated on Laravel.

October is a totally free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform in line with the Laravel PHP Framework . Numerous of electronic studios and freelancers all over the globe love October for the convenience , freedom and design that is modern. Their customers are content, because saves them both time and money october.

Big community

The city contributes a huge selection of good quality plugins and themes into the CMS marketplace october.

Simple contemporary CMS motor

October does not impose any restrictions in the page that is website, HTML or CSS markup.

An easy task to discover and make use of

October CMS includes a great documents and it is constructed on Laravel – the most effective available PHP framework.

Everything required, and absolutely nothing you do not

October CMS isn’t swollen with features you don’t need. It brings you the charged energy of Laravel using the simpleness of pure HTML. Universal extendable dashboard, Inspector, reusable CMS elements – every thing could make you smile. Make use of your favorite code editor and typical workflow for producing and upgrading internet sites.

CMS is trusted by 30,000 developers all over the world october

October CMS is a great tool whether you might be a self-employed internet artisan or a small-to-medium studio that is digital. October is employed being A cms that is primary platform studios that have globe famous brands within their portfolios, such as for instance Toyota, KFC and Nestle. The Dallas Museum of Art utilizes CMS in their information kiosks october.

Several of October users can be found in European countries and the united states.

inetis sarl
MB Internet Studios
Van der Allow & Partners

website builder Just What October users state

October CMS has exposed highways that are new quick tooling & internet development for all of us. New models and individual interactions may be framed up tremendously fast making use of October CMS’s widget system that is robust. Exactly What utilized to price our clients tremendous quantities of money, are now actually way more achievable. All while maintaining fundamental Laravel patterns. It’s a joy that is absolute make use of!

  • Chad Cantrell, CEO
  • RadiantWeb
  • United States Of America

October is a perfect platform to build sets from easy web sites to complex internet applications. October’s concentrate on developers plus the base that is powerful Laravel provides are an amazing match for increased productivity.

  • Tobias Kundig
  • Switzerland

We at LOVATA decided on October CMS a few years ago as you of this primary technologies to produce brand new tasks. The key reason ended up being that it is predicated on Laravel, the best PHP framework ever, and continues it is best traditions of high safety, performance, and freedom.

October CMS provides A api that is useful top of Laravel, and raises the Developer Experience (DX) to brand brand new levels! Just What separates October off their CMS is the fact that it allows making use of most readily useful contemporary development tools and techniques: ORM and DB migrations, package management ( having a wide Laravel ecosystem) and simple integration with third-party computer computer software (Redis, Beanstalk etc.), implementation and QA automation.

The path is supported by us Octobers CMS’s core group has plumped for and rely on the truly amazing views of the task. That’s why we have started the growth of our very own product predicated on October CMS — Shopaholic ecommerce ecosystem!

  • Pavel Lautsevich, CTO
  • Belarus

OctoberCMS is really a product that is pragmatic offers value both for technical and non-technical users. Clear navigation and conveniently created types ensure it is really simple to introduce this platform to the clients as well as the effort and time devote to training is minimized when compared with other platforms. The amount of available plugins might seem to be restricted however in truth they cover all the clients’ needs. Having said that, if there’s ever a need to construct a customized function, we’re constantly sure the growth procedure shall be smooth and undisturbed. It stands together with Laravel technology so it is an easy task to develop and keep customized functionalities. It is our platform of preference for some tiny and medium sized jobs.

  • Mateusz Charytoniuk, owner
  • newride
  • Poland

Consumers love the clean backend. Help and training time have fallen by 50%.

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