October 14th, 2015/Rehearsal #8

Week of October 9/Class #5
October 9, 2015
October 21, 2015/Rehearsal #9
October 29, 2015

October 14th, 2015/Rehearsal #8

Dear Ensemble Singers and Families,

Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts in rehearsal this past Wednesday.

Some reminders from this week:

  1. Please be on time! This week honored those who have not been absent or late. Congratulations to you! Many more of you have not been absent at all. Well done!
  1. Please be sure to read this email all the way through and use the chart below as a guide for your practice!
  1. Memorizing Notes: Do not try to memorize all at once–take on a small chunk each day, and then continue to review that chunk and add on. This will help you thoroughly and efficiently memorize anything!

For Next Week:
This should be the status of each piece in your folder for next week. Please practice your music so each piece is prepared to this level for next week. There are some more details in the rehearsal review below.

Piece Status
I Will Sing With the Spirit Memorized Completely!
My Lord, What A Morning Memorized Completely!
Hanget Soi Memorized through letter E, All notes learned F to the end
Sound the Trumpet Memorized Completely!
You Got Ta Move! Memorized through m.111, all notes learned from m.112 to the end
I Wish You Christmas All notes learned, ready to memorize
Durme Durme Notes learned

If there is not a link above for the piece, I have attached a recording and/or practice track to the blog. Please use them!

Your mystery question this week is more of a treasure hunt! This week you are memorizing Sound the Trumpet, where there are two sections, which look like they should be repeated exactly. That has the potential to get boring! Listen to this recording [Sound the Trumpet] and investigate all the ways they spice up the same material. I will ask for answers next week!

Rehearsal Review:
Durme Durme
We sight read this piece on solfege (our minor scale starts on “la”), and you did an excellent job. Please review all sections on solfege for next week.

Sound the Trumpet
We reviewed all sections of this piece, as it needs to be memorized next week! As you memorize, please take extra care to memorize all of the melismas accurately. This may mean you need to slow them down to be sure they are correct!

My Lord What A Morning
We cleaned up only page 5. Thank you for going home and learning it better on your own time. If you still did not have it learned on Wednesday (there were a couple of you), do it now! Don’t wait!

Hanget Soi
We learned Finnish for letter D on Wednesday. Remember, you can use the attached diction file to review your Finnish. Please memorize letter D for next week!


General Musicianship Notes:
Please be sure you are going back and making all corrections Gwen asks you to make!

Musicianship A
We reviewed the order of sharps and talked about the order of flats. We also did a bit of dictation and sight reading in B-flat major

For next week: Complete pages 29-32 of Book III.

Musicianship B
You did a great job taking dictation and sight reading in minor keys and 6/8 time.

For next week: Complete pages 29-32 of Book IV.

See you all next Wednesday!


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