November 4, 2015/Rehearsal #11

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November 2, 2015/Rehearsal #9
November 6, 2015

November 4, 2015/Rehearsal #11

Dear Ensemble Singers and Families,

Thank you for your continued hard work in rehearsal! I will see you all on Saturday, but here are some notes about our rehearsal on Wednesday and what to prepare for next week.

Some reminders from this week:

  1. Workshop and Potluck are on Saturday! All of the details you need are at the bottom of this post. Please bring your music folder with you.
  2. Invite people to the concert! This week, I handed out postcards you can use to invite friends, family, coaches, teachers, instructors, neighbors, and whomever else you can think of. We need your help filling that theater so everyone can see your amazing singing. To buy tickets, you can follow this link.
  3. Please be sure to read this email all the way through and use the chart below as a guide for your practice!
  4. Memorizing Notes: Do not try to memorize all at once–take on a small chunk each day, and then continue to review that chunk and add on. This will help you thoroughly and efficiently memorize anything! Here is a very interesting article about memorizing:
  5. We will be taking a short Musicianship test on 11/11. Below are guidelines for what you will need to know for this test. Read on!

For Saturday:

We will be working on these pieces with Vocalise, Bravi, and Intermediate on Saturday:

  • You Got Ta Move
  • It’s the Most Wonderful Time
  • I Wish You Christmas
  • Give Us Hope
  • Durme Durme (with just Intermediate)

Please review these before Saturday to be fully prepared. We will also be singing “Sound The Trumpet” for your parents during the concert portion.

Additionally, Alex, Anastasia, Nicole, and Ally will be teaching everybody “Now I Walk In Beauty.” Please be ready to help!

For Next Week:

This should be the status of each piece in your folder for next week. Please practice your music so each piece is prepared to this level for next week. There are some more details in the rehearsal review below.

Piece Status
I Will Sing With the Spirit Memorized Completely!
My Lord, What A Morning Memorized Completely!
Hanget Soi Memorized Completely!
Sound the Trumpet Memorized Completely!
You Got Ta Move! Memorized Completely!
I Wish You Christmas Memorized Completely!
Durme Durme Memorized Completely!
It’s The Most Wonderful Time Well Learned (Memorized 11/18)
Give Us Hope Well Learned (Memorized 11/18)

If there is not a link above for the piece, they have been attached to previous blogs. Please use them!

Instead of a mystery question this week, memorize, memorize, memorize!!!

Rehearsal Review:

Hanget Soi
Sang through and reviewed text. It is not yet memorized!
For Next Week:

  • Keep working on memory at home!

Durme Durme
Checked memory. It is not yet memorized either!
For Next Week:

  • Please review
  • Sopranos, please look at the descant during the second verse

Sound the Trumpet
This is getting close! We worked on some of the melismatic passages that are giving us trouble and “one upped” each other with energy and lightness.
For Next Week:

  • Ensure that you know your part cold!

We also sang through:


  • The Most Wonderful Time
  • You Got Ta Move
  • Give Us Hope



General Musicianship Notes:

On November 11th, all Ensemble singers will be taking a Musicianship test during their musicianship class to show what they have learned this semester. Guidelines for what you will need to know are below. It is all covered in the books, and will be reinforced in class.
If you need another resource to study, I recommend It is a great way to review.

Musicianship A

Test will cover:

  • Intervals–naming and identifying, both written and aural
  • Major key signatures and order of sharps and flats
  • Writing in counts for rhythms in 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 with half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes

For next week: Study! Use your book as a guide.

Musicianship B

Test will cover:

  • Naming and writing all major and minor key signatures
  • Short dictation in 6/8

For next week: Study!

See you all next Wednesday!


– – –

Volunteering at the Workshop, Concert and Family Potluck

We still need more volunteers to help set up the potluck lunch and clean up afterwards. Please sign up here!

– – –


WhenSaturdayNovember 7

Where: First United Methodist Church in Palo Alto, 625 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto
Ensemble, Vocalise/Bravi and VTG: 9:30 am Call Time, Sign in and Potluck Drop Off in church parking lot
Intermediate10:30 am Call Time, Sign in and Potluck Drop Off in church parking lot
Parents arrive for concert: 12:00 pm
Potluck lunch: 1:00 pm
Our three performing choirs will spend the morning rehearsing their holiday repertoire together. After the rehearsal, parents and siblings are warmly invited to attend a short concert at noon and stay for a potluck lunch at 1 pm.

Ensemble, Vocalise/Bravi and VTG should wear their black Cantabile t-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers
Intermediate singers should wear their red Cantabile polo shirt, blue jeans and sneakers

Potluck Dishes 
Ensemble, Vocalise/Bravi and VTG Potluck Food Drop-off between 9:30-10:00 am 
IntermediatePotluck Food Drop-off between 10:30-11:00 am 
All food should be brought prepared and ready to serve please. NO NUTS!!!!!! Please bring enough to serve at least 12 people:
Child’s Last Name A-I: bring Salad, Appetizer or Fruit dish – NO CHIPS OR CHEESE PLATTERS please!
Child’s Last Name J-R: bring a Main Dish or Entree
Child’s Last Name S-Z: bring a Dessert
Cantabile will supply all paper products, napkins and cutlery. Please bring your own water bottles & drinks.
Drop off and sign in will take place solely in the church parking lot, the parking lot entrance is on Byron St.
Sign out will take place after the concert in Fellowship Hall – please collect your singer and stand with them in line for the potluck – this will help the lines move much faster and we appreciate your support!

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