March 16, 2016/Rehearsal #10

Week of March 16th/ Class # 6
March 16, 2016
Thursday March 17th/ Rehearsal # 10
March 18, 2016

March 16, 2016/Rehearsal #10

Dear Ensemble singers,

You are working very hard, and I continue to be impressed with the excellent progress we have been making in rehearsal. Keep it up! Only two more rehearsals before we meet with Maestro Escalada!


  • We have a Clinic with Maestro Escalada on Thursday, March 31st from 5:45 to 7:30 at FCC. Please be sure this is on your calendar!

Action Items for Next Week (See detailed notes below):


  • Solidify memory for:


      • Goza mi Calipso (memorized 3/9)
      • El Pambiche Lento (memorized 3/9)


  • Memorize:


    • La Gran Ronda (All!)
    • Pueblito, mi Pueblo
  • Complete Musicianship Assignments as outlined on your schedule and below


Rehearsal Notes and Things to Practice:

La Gran Ronda

We worked through the first half to help solidify memory, and prepared the second half to be memorized next week.

Things to practice:

  • Words! Keep working on those words! Remember they are silly and fun, but they need to be accurate!
  • Practice the transitions. Be sure you know exactly how you get from one song to another.
  • Memorize for next week!

Pueblito, mi Pueblo

We worked on the middle section (from measure 12 to 23) and sang through the whole piece.

Memorize for next week!

Here is a recording you can use for your practice.

Here is a recording of the text.

Goza mi Calipso

We slightly changed the parts on this this week.

  • S1 will sing the melody (solo part) at Letters B and C both times through
  • Everywhere else, it will be as we already learned (bottom two parts)

El Pambiche Lento

We reviewed this quickly. Please be sure you are still working on memory, if it is not already memorized!

Here is a great recording you can use for your practice



General Musicianship Notes:

Please be sure you are going back and making all corrections Gwen asks you to make!


Musicianship A

We reviewed some aspects of reading music: measure numbers, intervals, time and key signatures, etc. And we sight-read a canon in 6/8

For next week: Complete pages 28-30 of Book IV.


Musicianship B

You worked with Elena this week.

For next week: Complete pages 28-30 of Book V.


See you all on Wednesday!



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