Allegro Blog – Week of September 9, 2019

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September 13, 2019
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September 21, 2019

Allegro Blog – Week of September 9, 2019

Dear Allegro singers and parents,

It’s been so lovely getting to know so many new singers and working again with so many familiar faces these last two weeks.  The Allegro singers are doing a great job jumping in to rehearsals and I am so impressed with what we have been able to accomplish in just two classes!

Below you will find reminders for parents and singers, and videos for reference and practice.  Please keep in mind that while videos and recordings are a great resource for practice and memorization, that sometimes we will not be performing a piece exactly as it is presented in a video or as it was performed by another group.  Reasons for this can include only learning one part because we are performing with another Cantabile ensemble that is singing the second voice part, and differences in artistic interpretation (such as varying tempi, different schools of thought on vocal technique and healthy singing, performing multicultural music as authentically as possible, etc.).

Reminders for Parents & Singers:

  • Please order your Cantabile uniform early! The shirts and skirts tend to go on back order as we approach performance time.  Allegro singers will need their full uniforms by mid-November. Check the “Uniforms” tab in the members-only section of the website for more info
  • Your child’s binder needs to come to rehearsal every week in order for them to fully participate in rehearsal. Please help them to get in the habit of bringing it each week.
  • Practice logs are checked at the beginning of every rehearsal. A “complete” practice log entry includes listing 3 things that were practiced outside of rehearsal, indicating whether or not the theory worksheet was completed (if applicable), and a parent’s initials.

Video for Practice:

I will send additional videos as tools for practice and memorization as Allegro singers are introduced to the music in class. I like to have a few weeks of rehearsal on a song prior to sending home a video, so that the singers already have an idea of what the song sounds like before practicing with the video or recording.

Looking forward to a wonderful semester together!



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