January 4, 2016/Rehearsal #1

January 4, 2016/Rehearsal #14
January 9, 2016
January 13, 2015/Rehearsal #2
January 14, 2016

January 4, 2016/Rehearsal #1


Dear Vocalise Singers,

How exciting it is to begin a new semester. It is going to be a busy one! Please, plan well and stay healthy to enjoy all events and concerts!

Here are some of the things we have to look forward to in the next several months:


  • January 30th: Aria and Bravi perform at Cantabile’s Gala
  • February 1st: Vocalise/Bravi/Aria Recording session (4:30 to 8:30)–rescheduled from December. We are recording the pieces from the December concert.
  • All of Bravi and Aria must be present in order to record their pieces!
  • February 25th-27th: SSA Vocalise travels to Pasadena to perform at the American Choral Directors Association Western Division Convention. Two more performances planned en route!
  • April 2nd: Our Latin American festival, featuring the composer and conductor Oscar Escalada from Argentina (plus some latin dancing!)
  • May 7th: Vocalise/Bravi/Aria concert
  • May 14th: All-Choir concert
  • May 21st and 22nd: Performance with Symphony Silicon Valley: Titanic (SSA only)
  • June: Tour to Ireland and France!


Whew! That is quite a bit. As Elena mentioned, this is an extremely busy semester. Please review the calendar and be sure all dates are in your personal and family calendars!

Other Announcements:

  • We welcomed back Katia Manner who returned from a five-month study in Finland!
  • Congrats to Rachel Wolff on being accepted to Tufts University and to Gwen on her acceptance to the famous Berklee School of Music!

REMINDER: There is a lot of music in your folders! Please be sure that you are both learning new pieces and reviewing the old ones we will be performing at ACDA and recording on February 1st. All music needs to stay fresh and in your minds!

4 January Rehearsal Review

Bonnie Wood Green

  • We listened to this recording by the BYU Women’s Chorus
  • Re-read arranger’s notes re interpretation: the piece is understated and focused on storytelling. All small details are important
  • Pay close attention to the rhythmic differences between verses when learning. They are very close, but not the same. This is the great challenge of this piece!
  • Divisi:
    • At m.45, all Sopranos on melody, Altos divide on the bottom lines
    • At m. 67, Sopranos divide between the top line and the top of the bottom line

Ain’t No Grave

  • We listened to this recording, again by the BYU Women’s Chorus (track is on Spotify)
  • Sang through the whole piece
  • Worked specifically on:
    • Observing ALL rests
    • Key changes (m. 60-61 and m. 76 to 77)
  • Divisi:
    • General divisi is in three parts (SSA)
    • Soprano 1: first two rows=bottom, back three rows=top
    • Soprano 2: as assigned in rehearsal
    • Altos: sing S1 part down an octave from m. 93 to 101

Sweet Honey in the Rock

  • Read through from beginning to end
  • Worked specifically on:
    • Scooping into “Sweet” from a ½-step below marked pitch
    • Emphasizing “SWEET HO-ney in the ROCK” (this is an inelegant way of writing it, but those are they syllables we should hear most prominently)
    • Specifically worked on style on the first page, and sang it without music
    • For the slide at m. 25 (and others like it), the slide begins just before the dot
  • Part Assignments for Altos:
    • Altos should dropt down to tenor line at:
      • m. 27 on “night” of midnight
      • m. 46 and 47


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