January 27, 2016/Rehearsal #4

January 25, 2016/Rehearsal #17
January 27, 2016
January 28th/ Rehearsal # 4
January 29, 2016

January 27, 2016/Rehearsal #4

Dear Ensemble singers,

Thank you for your very hard work refining our program for Saturday. It is going to be tons of fun! All the details you need for the performance are at the end of the post.

Action Items for Next Week:

    • Review music for the LAH Gala using notes below:
      • Happy Anniversary Los Altos Hills!
      • Imagine
      • Come and Sing
      • Hanget Soi


  • Review for Wednesday:


    • Plena
    • Eu e Você
  • Complete Musicianship Assignments as outlined on your schedule and below

Notes on Pieces for performance:

Come and Sing

Things to remember:

  • We sing this as people are seated to start their dinner
  • First time (all the way through) is in Unison
  • When we sing “hold our hands together” we take hands
  • Second time, with harmony
  • Second sopranos take over when you start “We are friends”
  • Second altos, at the end sing a G# instead of the low E

Hanget Soi

Things to remember:

  • We sing this as people are seated to start their dinner
  • Review the text to be sure it is still in your mouth and brain
  • Stay as engaged as you are when you are singing during the prelude, interludes, and postlude (the piano parts!)


Things to remember:

  • We spread out in the room while Mr. Burnell talks and sing from amongst the tables
  • Keep up the good work on the rhythms in the melody
  • Sing to the audience at “You may say I’m a dreamer”
  • Altos, do not add extra notes at the end. Please review the last “be as one”
  • Sopranos, practice taking charge of the melody without losing the beauty in your tone. Do not oversing, but sing with conviction.

Happy Anniversary!

Things to remember:

  • We sing this from the audience, and invite them to sing with us the second time through “Happy Anniversary”
  • We move back to the risers during Michael’s interlude and face away from the audience
  • Turn around when the sopranos sing “Los”
  • Michael is playing measures 38 to 40. No singing!



General Musicianship Notes:

Please be sure you are going back and making all corrections Gwen asks you to make!


Musicianship A

Sharp and Flat Charts and sight singing! Use the examples we didn’t cover to practice at home!

For next week: Complete pages 10-12 of Book IV.


Musicianship B

Duet singing! Use the examples you didn’t sing to practice at home!

For next week: Complete pages 10-12 of Book V.


See you all Saturday (and Wednesday)!




Ensemble Performance: Los Altos Hills 60th Anniversary Gala

Date: January 30, 2016

Location: Los Altos Golf and Country Club (1560 Country Club Dr, Los Altos, CA 94024) [Map]

Drop Off: 6:30pm

Performance Time: 7:15pm

Pick Up: 7:45pm

This performance is a ticketed event and closed to the public.

Dress: Formal Performance Uniform [Boys should be in blue ties!]. Girls need to have hair pulled back, boys should have well groomed hair. No makeup is necessary for this performance.


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