Intermediate Blog Rehearsal # 1 / January 5th

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January 6, 2017
January 9 – VTG / Bravi Rehearsal #1
January 12, 2017

Intermediate Blog Rehearsal # 1 / January 5th

Greetings, Intermediate Singers,

Thank you for a wonderful first rehearsal back from Winter Break. I missed you all dearly, and it was such a pleasure to jump right back in and continue our musical journey together, with plenty of movement, fun, and beautiful singing. Our Spring concert in May seems a long time away, but this semester has a way of slipping away from us – and we also have more guest conductors visiting throughout the term. Start off 2017 by renewing your stedfast commitment to reading the blogs each week and practicing diligently!

Trivia Question: Where did South African composer Joseph Shabalala compose Thula Klizeo?

Practice Log: It is very important to practice at home, and to know how much you are doing each week. At Cantabile, we expect our Intermediate singers to practice at least 20 minutes per day. Please use this practice log every Thursday morning as a tool to record the approximate number of minutes you have practiced that week (for example, Week of 10/20: 106 min). This does not include musicianship homework. The singer who has logged the most number of minutes will receive a special prize on the last day of rehearsal!

Action Items – Stay tuned for vocal tracks of individual parts coming in the next few weeks

For the Beauty of the Earth

  • Excellent start on this, particularly in mastering some of the intricate harmonies; Sopranos sounded beautiful and free in the sections which featured very high pitches!
  • Review the two rhythmic motifs we worked on before opening the scores, by clapping and singing with all the different lyrics
  • Find other rhythms which are either tied, syncopated or both, and practice clapping and saying in rhythmic syllables.
  • Read the lyrics aloud like a poem
  • Listen whilst following along in your score.
  • Practice singing whilst keeping the 2 Rhythm Block, alternating between right and left sides. Prepare your breath by expanding the rib cage and releasing on an exhale as you sing tall and beautiful vowels. Remember the sections which are like laughter! Add movements which represent flowers blossoming and birds soaring to support the long phrases.

My Maple Tree and Me

  • Read through the text and jot down your reaction – what images does it evoke, and how does it make you feel? What is the song trying to convey?
  • Before listening, look for tied and syncopated rhythms in the song. Practice clapping the rhythm first without the ties, and then add them in, as we did in class this week. When you listen, see how accurate you were!
  • Listen, while following along in your score.


  • Find Nova Scotia on the map, and look up what Kimineero means
  • Read through the score and find all the nonsense words – practice speaking them aloud while stepping the beat
  • Listen while following along in your score.


  • This is one of the songs you will sing with Ensemble. It means “stand tall” in Swahili.
  • Watch this amazing video from Cantabile’s Spring Concert in 2013 – take note of the beautiful harmonies, crisp pronunciation, and fluid, precise movements.

Thula Klizeo

  • You learned this song very quickly! Continue to review from your score at home – we should not have to rehearse it very much!
  • Watch this video, and note that instead of patting, they stomp – something we may explore!

Musicianship A

Lovely job playing and saying some fun food rhythms, reviewing C major, the Tonic Triad and sight-singing in C. I know Beau had a great time with you on his first day – thank you for making him feel so welcome! This week:

  • Singers starting Book 2 should complete pages 1-3
  • Singers continuing Book 2 should complete pages 21-22

Musicianship B

Lovely job with those tricky soup rhythms, and creating your own comfort food rhythms. Your solfege in B-flat was lovely, and we will sight-sing through Welcome All again next week, along with doing a melodic dictation in B-flat major. This week:

  • Book 3 singers should complete pages 21-22
  • Advanced Intermediate B singers should: 1. Log-in to Cantabile’s Noteflight (first name and first letter of last name) with password cantabile2016 2. Create a piece in B-flat major for two instruments. See if it can feature call and response conversation as we had in For the Beauty of the Earth. Please also implement some ties for rhythmic variety. This piece should be between 8 and 12 measure long, and should have at least 2 musical themes (A and B). Please also implement dynamics and articulation. Do not hesitate to write to me with questions!

Trivia Answer: In a taxi can in New York City!

Have a great weekend! See you next Thursday!





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