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What’s special about a new music commission?  Imagine your child singing in a famous venue, like Carnegie Hall in Manhattan or Bing Concert Hall at Stanford University performing a piece of music written specifically for Cantabile’s choirs and conducted by the world famous composer who created the piece for us.  And even more special-imagine that Cantabile’s name and Maestra Elena Sharkova’s name are on the cover of the piece of music and will be seen and recognized every time that piece is performed-worldwide. 

Our gala was the kick off to raise funds for a special musical commission in honor of not only Elena’s tenth magical year with Cantabile but also in honor of Cantabile’s twentieth anniversary season next year!  We are pleased to announce that we received a very generous donation from the Feinberg family toward the commission.  This gift is an inspiration and motivation to the community to join with the Feinberg’s to help support meeting our funding goals for this important milestone in Cantabile’s musical history.

A musical commission is a very special choral work of music composed by an important composer specifically for Cantabile and for Elena Sharkova to conduct. It highlights the unique skills that our choir has developed musically and gives them a showcase to the world. It also celebrates the skill and virtuosity of our conductor and her talents. The piece is then premiered at a special concert.

Every time the work is performed Cantabile and Elena are recognized and honored and we become more widely known in the choral community and the world music community. 

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Support will be restricted to need-based youth scholarships. This Fund honors Signe Boyer, founder of Cantabile Children’s Chorus and Artistic Director from 1994-2004, for all the work she has done for this organization and the entire music community.