Music Events & News

Each year with Cantabile Youth Singers brings new opportunites for peformance and growth not only to our own choirs, but to any other local youth choir participating in our annual Peninsula Children's Choral Festival.

Choral Festival

Cantabile Youth Singers of Silicon Valley hosts the annual Peninsula Children's Choral Festival, bringing together many local school choirs and directors for a day of learning and singing together in intensive workshops and clinics culminating in a free public performance.

There is no fee or charge whatsoever for attending or participating in the Peninsula Children's Choral Festival. It is simply our gift to the community.


Our Gala is an annual event presented to the Silicon Valley community celebrating excellence in the arts. We present our annual Champion of the Arts award to a leader within our community.  The Gala is an opportunity to connect and network with other like minded supporters of the arts, enjoy wonderful music performed by our choirs and other professional musicians.  For many parents, this is the highlight of the season as they get to dress up in style while supporting an organization that is close to their heart.

This is also an important opportunity for each of our choirs. It's a professional performance with many guests who are 'not' parents where the expectation of professionalism is distinctly different from any other performances during the year. 

Spring and Fall  Concerts

Each semester finishes with each of our choirs delivering a performance for the community who come to see and hear the pieces that the choirs learned each semester.  This is where the family journey takes place as the students progress rapidly each semester and take on more complex and interesting pieces. Families may even develop a profound appreciation for choral  singing that extends for years after the CYS experience is complete.  It's really quite magical.