Tuition and Costs


Semester tuitions (August-December OR January-May)
PreK-K  Prep 1 $450/semester
Grades 1-2  Prep 2 $475/semester
Grades 3-4  Prep 3 $525/semester

Annual tuitions (yearly commitment: August-May)
Grades 4-6  Intermediate $1175/year
Grades 4-6  Intermediate Honor $1175/year
Grades 6-9  Ensemble $1375/year
Grades 8 and up  Vocalise $1375/year

Bravi Young Men's Ensemble ages 11-18 $400/year affiliated; $800/year unaffiliated

Aria A Cappella Girls Ensemble (vocalise girls only by invitation/audition) $400/year

Sibling Registration: 5% discount per child.

*There is also a non-refundable $50 NEW Student Registration Fee at time of enrollment (one-time charge for student who were not enrolled during the previous season).



Parent Volunteer Deposit (refundable)

Deposit is Per Child

Prep 1, Prep 2, Prep 3  $50/semester
Intermediate, Ensemble, Vocalise $100 /year
May be refunded if 5 volunteer hours per semester or 10 volunteer hours per year are completed. Please consider making your volunteer deposit a tax deductable contribution. One volunteer deposit is required per child enrolled in Cantabile and Cantabile expects 10 hours per year per child in volunteer hours.

Music Usage Fee (non-refundable)
Intermediate: $25/year       Ensemble, Vocalise $50/year
Cantabile sheet music is the property of Cantabile and is copyrighted by the publisher of each piece.  This fee is required to support the maintenance of our library, the adminsitrative cost of maintaining the library and the cost of binders. Music must be returned to Cantabile at the end of each semester.


Fall Weekend Retreat: All Ensemble & Vocalise singers are charged $185 for full room and board to attend the mandatory weekend retreat (Friday night through Sunday morning with a family concert and BBQ for lunch). The cost will be processed at the same time as the tuition balance.

Uniforms: All singers are responsible for the cost of uniforms, which is either paid directly to the vendors or billed sparately by Cantabile for certain items that are ordered in bulk. Click here for additional information.

Summer Tour: The summer tour (open only to Ensemble and Vocalise singers) is optional and the cost is billed separately.