Signe Boyer Scholarship Fund: Partial or full need-based scholarships are available for tuition through the Signe Boyer Scholarship Fund. A copy of the first page of the parents’ latest filed federal income tax returns will be required. Interested families must fill out a scholarship application. Scholarships are awarded semester-by-semester for the Preparatory Division, and annually for Intermediate, Ensemble and Vocalise. Singers must be in good standing as far as participation, attendance, and volunteer hours (for parents) to receive continued scholarship support.

Choir Parent Volunteer Tuition Reduction Program: Tuition reduction is granted to students whose parents can serve as the permanent Choir Volunteer for the entire semester or season. Tuition reductions are granted accordingly:

50% tuition reduction Prep 1, Prep 2, Prep 3 and Bravi
100% tuition reduction Intermediate, Ensemble and Vocalise

No income documentation is required for the Choir Parent Volunteer Tuition Reduction Program, however, interested parties must apply for the position and commit to fulfilling all necessary duties.

Please contact the office on 650-424-1410 to apply for a scholarship or the Choir Parent Volunteer Tuition Reduction Program - all applications are reviewed in confidence.