Family Expectations

Future Cantabile Parents

Thank you for your interest in Cantabile Youth Singers for your young performer! Cantabile is a program of exceptional music education and vocal training for young people.

The mission of Cantabile Youth Singers is to offer children comprehensive choral music education and performance opportunities of the highest caliber, thereby engaging their hearts and minds, encouraging a lifetime appreciation of the arts, and building an understanding of the diversity of human kind, cultures, and languages.

Our values are:
Joy: The creation of great choral music is a shared experience that lifts the spirits of all associated with its production. We value the enjoyment we bring to participants, families, and audiences in the music we teach, make, and hear.

Quality: We promote excellence through continuous improvement; high standards for repertoire, curriculum, and performance; and a firm commitment to inspire and reward our audiences and participants with our music.

Community: A strong sense of a shared community involving singers, artists, families, supporters, volunteers, administration, and audiences is fundamental to achieving our music education and performance goals.

Collaboration: We view collaboration as essential. Partnerships among our programs and with other Bay Area community and music organizations and composers enable Cantabile to strengthen our educational programs, extend our ability to reach audiences, and develop creatively.

We pursue our mission and values through a comprehensive choral music training program including movement, games, age-appropriate music theory and vocal training, performance, and fun.

Please follow the links below to find out more about each of our choirs.

Preparatory 1, 2 and 3 (Preschool-4th grade)
Intermediate & Intermediate Honors (4th-6th grade)
Ensemble (6th-9th grade)
Vocalise (8th-12th grade)

Family Manuals and FAQ

Prep choirs and Intermediate Family Manual

Ensemble and Vocalise Family Manual

Cantabile 2014-2015 FAQ