Preparatory Division

Our Preparatory 1 and 2 Choirs teach young singers the fundamentals of singing in a group, including beginning note reading, vocal production, and performance. We use Kodaly and Orff based teaching methods that are proven techniques for engaging young children in music learning and movement. No previous experience is needed. Students are involved in age appropriate music and activities designed to challenge their singing and listening skills, and ignite their imaginations to explore how the elements of music can help them express themselves.   

In our dynamic Preparatory 3 Choir rehearsals -- which are 20 minutes longer than Prep 1 and 2 -- children are engaged more actively in learning and singing in preparation for their eventual entrance into our very energetic Intermediate Choir.

At the end of the semester, each Preparatory Choir holds a class recital for family and friends.

Preparatory 1

Preschool (age 4) and Kindergarten - No audition required to join.

Preparatory 2

First and Second Grade - No audition required to join. 

Preparatory 3

Third and Fourth Grade - Brief interview required by prior appointment to assess readiness.