Ensemble is for older students, mainly grades 6-9 wishing to further their musical experiences by learning a fantastic variety of advanced literature. Ensemble, along with Vocalise, represents the San Francisco Bay Area by performing at choral festivals, workshops and competitions around the world. In Ensemble, students receive a half hour of theory instruction per week in addition to the regular rehearsal.

An Ensemble and Vocalise parent's follow-up to our annual Retreat:
"Thank you Cantabile for the recent Retreat - it was an amazing learning opportunity for the singers of Ensemble and Vocalise! The annual Retreat fires up our children's innate love of singing, and renews their commitment by immersing them in a community dedicated to the art form, where they get to be with their teachers, role models and peers. Thank you so much for making this happen!"

Grades 6-9

Conductor: Cassie Luftspring

2014-2015 Ensemble/Vocalise Family Manual

Cantabile 2014-2015 FAQ



Experience our Ensemble singers in performance on YouTube:

Ensemble Choir singing Cuncti simus
Ensemble Choir singing Criome Mi Madre
Ensemble & Vocalise Choirs performing Ma Navu