Choirs & Artistic Staff

Cantabile Youth Singers serves the youth of Silicon Valley with a broad set of choirs beginning with the Preparatory Division, growing to Intermediate and then attaining extensive professional experience with Ensemble and Vocalise, as well as Aria, a girls' a cappella choir, and Bravi, a young men's ensemble. Each year students are placed into the choir that best matches their current skill level. The core of our activities are teaching choral singing and musicianship: note and sight reading, solfรจge, singing on pitch, tempo and rhythm, music theory and performance and stage etiquette.  Under the guidance of the Cantabile Youth Singers' world class artistic staff, students develop into skilled musicians, comfortable singing in many styles from many cultures.  

"Cantabile Youth Singers takes each family on a journey of musical learning and appreciation through education and performance that transitions their youth into skilled ambassadors of Silicon Valley who are as comfortable sharing their joy of singing locally as they are joining hands with cultures from around the world."

- Heather Dawson, parent of CYS student of six years