February 24, 2016/Rehearsal #7

February 8, 2016/Rehearsal #6
February 20, 2016
Thursday February 25/ Rehearsal # 7
February 26, 2016

February 24, 2016/Rehearsal #7

Dear Ensemble singers,

Great singing and reading in rehearsal on Wednesday!

Action Items for Next Week:


  • Review for next rehearsal (see below for things to review):


      • Goza mi Calipso (memorized 3/9)
      • El Pambiche Lento (memorized 3/9)
      • La Gran Ronda


  • Memorize Plena–Small groups next week


  • Complete Musicianship Assignments as outlined on your schedule and below


Rehearsal Notes and Things to Practice:

El Pambiche Lento

We reviewed the whole piece on Wednesday.

Here is a great recording you can use for your practice (notice how quick it is!)

Things to practice:

  • Review all spanish language
  • Altos, review your different parts for each verse.
  • Start memorizing for 3/9

Goza mi Calipso

We sang through this on Wednesday, singing only the two bottom parts in a two-part split.

Things to practice:

  • Start memorizing for 3/9
  • Here is a youtube video you can use for practice

La Gran Ronda

We read through each individual song, and attempted to sing this all the way through
Things to practice:

  • Learn the notes and rhythms for your entire part–be sure you are very secure
  • We will add Spanish next week

Here are some of the songs from this piece. Take note! The melodies may not be exactly the same as the ones written in your parts!


We sang from memory and worked on the syncopation in the refrain.

Pretty good memory work–S1s keep working your your words! It’s almost there



General Musicianship Notes:

Please be sure you are going back and making all corrections Gwen asks you to make!


Musicianship A

We reviewed chromatics between do and mi.

More sight singing! This time in 6/8.

For next week: Complete pages 19-21 of Book IV.


Musicianship B

We read a very challenging canon. Great work!

For next week: Complete pages 19-21 of Book V.


See you all on Wednesday!




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