February 1, 2016/Rehearsal #5

February 3, 2016/Rehearsal #5
February 4, 2016
February 4th/ Rehearsal #5
February 5, 2016

February 1, 2016/Rehearsal #5

Dear Vocalise Singers,

You are doing an amazing job getting down to the minute details and polishing these pieces to an artistic shine. It is hard, but incredibly rewarding work, and you are doing it well. Keep it up!



  • Elena assigned all singers to practice the sequence of


“moment of stillness –alignment — breath — movement — meditation”

three times per week, 15 min or more each time

    • Light, energetic, flexible body — ready to live, connect, sing
    • Calm, clear, open mind
    • Curious, playful, welcoming spirit
  • As you continue to review the ACDA music at home, please remember a few general notes:
    • Find a way to connect to your source for each piece
    • You can facilitate this by really thinking about the texts you are singing
    • Review the little details we work on in rehearsal to reinforce them in your memory and body at home.

REMINDER: Please, review the handout you got at the rehearsal: it has precise plan for each rehearsal and the list of current repertoire. There is a lot of music in your folders — notice which ones are a repeat from December (for our February concert at ACDA and recording session on 2/1) and which are for the festival and the spring concerts. All music needs to stay fresh in your minds and voices.

1 February Rehearsal Review

Hark, I Hear

Things to remember/reinforce:

  • No scooping
  • Four-bar phrases (eg. “Hark, I hear the harps eternal ringing on the farther shore” all with no breath)
  • Verses are, in general, at a lower dynamic. Choruses (“Hallelujah”s) are louder.
  • Always have a strong “H” on “Hallelujah”
  • Altos, you create the rhythm section in the choruses–you are the drums!
  • Think about what is happening when you are singing. When are you singing across the river to each other? When are are you singing to the souls in heaven? Are you the souls in heaven?


  • When you have the melody in the beginning, take over!
  • Make sure the top, accented notes in the middle section are accurate


    • Thanks to Gwen for the part assignments!
    • Below are the parts you should notes you should sing in the chord that begins in m. 3 (Notes are from high to low)
      • G – Emily, Malaina, Nika, Kira, Christina
      • F – Gwen, Grace, Anna, Josephine, Michaela, Megan Guibord
      • Eb – Karli, Katherine Chui, Celia, Ela, Jenny, Kelly, Jessie
      • Db – Helena, Claire, Zoe, Franny, Sarina, Katie Wei
      • C – Megan B., Ananya, Sophie, Amy Wu, Jasmine Pao, Michelle
      • Low Bb – Sasha, Lara, Juliette, Julia, Karuna, Bomi
      • Second altos split between the A and the F
    • Here are the notes you should be singing in the last chord (notes are from high to low):
      • C – Malaina, Nika, Kira
      • G – Emily, Jessie, Gwen, Christina
      • F – Grace, Josephine, Katherine, Michaela, Amy Watt
      • Eb – Ela, Celia, Karli, Jenny, Megan Guibord, Anna
      • Db – Helena, Zoe, Franny, Katie Wei, Sarina
      • C – Megan B., Ananya, Sophie, Amy Wu, Claire
      • Bb – Sasha, Julia, Michelle, Jasmine
      • Ab – Lara, Karuna, Alisha,
      • F – Anyka, Juliette, Bomi
      • C – Jessica, Daphne
      • F – Sarah, Alissa, Rachel


  • Please take note of the above and relearn if necessary!


  • Altos–remember what you are singing about in your solo line. You are the heather on fire!

Bedu Pako

  • Reviewed and established parts
  • Reviewed choreography. Please use this video to review!
  • Pay attention to the details in her hands.  They are very important in Indian Classical Dance as you are telling a story!!  Remember to mirror the dancer!


  • Divided into parts based on where you stand
  • Solos: Nika (1), Christina (2), Emily (3)
  • Draw out the chordal notes to make them shimmer. Don’t just sit on them
  • Pay attention the “funky” notes in m. 99
  • Sing in this order: A, B, C, E, F, I, End (Skip D, G, and H)
  • Background (non-solo parts) memorize for next week.


  • Keep the energy up throughout
  • Find that groovy tempo, and practice with a metronome!
  • Listen to these recordings:
  • Just do it, there is no “try” (with apologies to Nike and Yoda)
  • Remember the hand motions for the “ha-ha”s (eg. m. 26)
  • Keep the “Kylmä soita” soft at the beginning (m. 126)

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